10 Things to Do at The Scene of An Accident

The Scene of An Accident

Isn’t it a natural impulse of a sincere citizen to help people? But what if it becomes a duty to respond a certain way? Or, in another way, how can one be beneficial for the society being a law-abide dweller?

An accident is a common phenomenon throughout the world. None can guarantee to terminate its cropping up. But, what we can do is minimize the damage. Even an immediate and positive reaction might be proven a life-saving act. So, we must know what to do at the scene of an accident.

You’ll find many Red Deer Uber and Lyft accident lawyers near you to deal with your accident cases. Well, that comes naturally in the serial. Now, let’s dive into the topic.

What a person must you do at the scene of an accident?

Unfortunately, if you encounter an accident scene, the injured one can be fortunate for your presence. So, before feeling uncomfortable, try to do the right things.

Stop, Don’t Leave the Scene

It is your first duty to stop at the spot of the accident. In some cases, it might be considered a crime not to stop. If you are involved in that accident, there will be no question but to stop and park the vehicle at a safe place. Stopping is the first step after an accident anyway.

Don’t Be Panicked, Check, and Think

The best for the injured, and you are not to panic. So, control your emotion. Check if anyone is injured and how is their condition. Address the severity of the person’s injury if that seems serious. Take your time and think calmly about what to do next.

Call for Help

‘Safety and treatment’ is the number one priority. Call the ambulance and police. Try to stop other people so that you can get extra help. At the same time, give a signal to other passing-by drivers that there is a hazard scene here.

Move Your Vehicle

Move your vehicle to if it needs repairing. Also, that should not be the reason for the interruption of the flow of other vehicles.

Collect info.

As you have managed to take over the emergency, start collecting information. These can be names, the vehicles’ license plate numbers. Also, if possible, talk to the witnesses of the accident.

File a Report

It is a must to file a report. It will be beneficial for the victim, in the long run, to sue the responsible person for the accident as part of the proof.

Take Pictures, Survey the Spot

Check for any visible evidence of the accident, take photos. Even the video recording in which the witness narrates the accident. It is also important to know that what caused the accident. All these elements can go in the victim’s or your favor (if you are the victim) in the court.

Limit Your Discussion

Don’t talk too much with the other driver about the accident. If you were driving one of the 2 cars that collided in the accident, get some basic information like the name and address. Have some info interchanged, but nothing more than that.

Contact Insurance Company

Inform the insurance company about the accident. Show them the evidence you’ve collected. Don’t lie, but describe everything carefully so that anything may not hamper your claim in the future. You may need to contact a lawyer about this issue.

Don’t Leave the Place

It will be a big mistake if you leave the place until the police or any other supports arrive. Even if you are the only person there, you need an authority like an owner to report the event. That may bring compensation for you or get relief from any inconvenient situation.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a victim or witness, or the one causing the damage, none is above the law. And everyone is expected to be compassionate and cooperative. So, instead of avoiding a situation, embracing it with a duteous attitude is the moment’s demand, especially if that is an accident.

Thus, all must have a conjunctive idea like what to do at the scene of an accident. We hope the article gave you a clear view on the matter and help you in future. Drive safe, walk carefully. Have a nice day!


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