10 Unexpected Car Expenses to Reconsider Your Budget

10 Unexpected Car Expenses to Reconsider Your Budget

Saving for your dream car will require years of hard work to pay the down payment. The budget will require consideration for a few expenses more than the overall cost of your car. However, people limit their plans to obvious expenses such as insurance, add-ons, fuel, and maintenance.

After reading a few articles on the internet, they prepare their budget where the writers miss a few unexpected expenses. And the result is a debt situation when you encounter the unexpected cost of owning a vehicle. Here, we will consider a few expenses that may require a separate emergency fund for your car.

Ideal Budget for a New Car

We make decisions on buying a new car from the offer at the dealership and the instalments of the loan. The various expenses that follow the purchase are often ignored to create a stressful condition for the finances. Thus, it makes more sense to find every cost related to a vehicle before booking a model.

You should start by writing down the requirement of your vehicle. Focus on the need instead of the luxurious if you are tight on budget. The addons from a dealership are one expense people should avoid because of their limited use and heavy price compared to aftermarket alternatives.

Now, add the monthly cost of vehicle ownership that includes fuel, maintenance, repairs, and other costs. While the majority of them are easy to think, the others are available in the section below. Add these costs to find the amount you can afford to spend on the car every month and consult a direct lender to take out car finance for bad credit with instant decision.

Unexpected Expenses for New Vehicle Owners

People should remain proactive with the possible financial risk to avoid a full-blown crisis. An emergency fund can help you manage unexpected situations to control the overall damage. Here, we have enlisted the possible yet unexpected expenses of owning a car for the new owners to create a budget beforehand.

1. Accidents

You may consider yourself a very safe driver, but the road is full of stupid drivers. They engage in rash driving only to create a dangerous situation for everyone around them. Thus, the accidents are somewhat unavoidable because of some rookie driver in your front.

The car insurance will cover the cost of damage to your vehicle to a certain extent. They will not pay for the accidents every other month as there is a limit to these claims. Moreover, the insurance provider will not cover the aftermarket accessories in your accident claims.

Add the medical bills because of these accidents in the absence of health insurance. These accidents can create serious trouble for your finances. There is no escape other than being extra careful while driving to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your car.

2. Unknown Fees

The offer from a loan agency may seem great on paper because of the low interest rates and manageable instalments. But they may charge hidden fees after signing the agreement to increase the overall cost significantly. You should check the fine print on the agreement to find the additional fees on your car finance.

The simpler alternative is to contact your service provider and ask for these additional charges. They may even charge a prepayment fee if you ever try to save money on the overall cost with early repayment. Private lenders are the ideal choice for car finance in the current environment to find the best offer on car finance for the unemployed.

You should always do homework while assessing an offer from different lenders. The knowledge of financial terms can prevent the lenders from strong-arming you with minor problems in your profile. Avoid the finance provider suggested at the dealership because of their high interest rates and mediocre service.

3. Increased Premium

Certain things from the duration of your previous policy will determine the cost of the next one. The service provider may increase the price because of your driving and claim record. Thus, it will put additional stress on your finances to renew your insurance policy.

Some other factors that may increase your insurance premium are the tickets on your name from breaking traffic rules. Though, only a few insurance providers will check your driving licence for pending tickets. The addition of a young driver to your policy will certainly increase the cost.

You should consider research after the end of your current premium to find a better offer. Insurance providers will offer a low-cost premium if you add multiple cars and drivers. In the end, negotiate with the current provider by sharing the quote from other providers to save time on the additional paperwork.

4. Tickets

We often find ourselves on the wrong side of the law enforcement authorities because of minor mistakes. These may include ignoring the speed limit or red lights on the signal. And there are numerous other reasons to get a ticket on your license to pay a heavy fine.

Sometimes the no parking sign is put at a spot where people in a rush can conveniently ignore them. A ticket on the windshield will welcome you with a fine printed on it. The only solution here remains cautious of the traffic rules to avoid unnecessary tickets.

5. Towing

Life seems good while travelling home in your vehicle with your favourite song on the music system. Suddenly, your car stops in the middle of nowhere because of some unknown reason. And you encounter the cost of towing to take your vehicle to the nearest workshop for repair.

Ask your insurance provider to add roadside towing to coverage to save money. Sometimes, parking at prohibited spaces gives the authority the right to tow your vehicle. You must pay a certain fine to them to get your vehicle from their parking space.

6. Parking

Your house might have a garage to welcome the new vehicle with a space of its own. But it will require a paid space when you visit outside without the free parking feature for guests. Therefore, the cost of parking will get added to your budget in the miscellaneous section.

It may become significant if you’re paying for it daily. Some employers don’t provide parking facilities to their employees in the business park. They need to buy a monthly subscription to park their vehicle daily in a safe spot.

7. Key Replacement

Keys are among the most easily lost items in our possession. We carry them everywhere and they are often left at someplace we may never think. Children and pets don’t help the cause with their strange obsession of playing with keys and throwing them.

Therefore, you should consider the cost of replacement keys as they are significant in the latest vehicles. If possible, ask your insurance provider to add a key replacement to your coverage. You can also put small GPS devices powered to track down their location if you frequently misplace them.

8. Roadside Repairs

Again, a broken vehicle on the roadside may require money from your pocket instead of insurance. Those roadside mechanics often reject the insurance premiums because of the lengthy claim process. They simply charge money to the customers to fix their vehicle while bringing the tools to them.

Now, you should add the cost of repair to your budget if the insurance provider doesn’t cover the repairs from any mechanic. They may ask for bills and entire files to reimburse the cost of repairs after a few visits to their office. Moreover, you might have to spend the night in a nearby hotel if the home is far from your current location.

9. Tire Replacement

Good quality tyres can last for years on urban roads with smooth surfaces. Though, you cannot ignore the impact of potholes and other objects on the roads. Even the damage because by accident can require the replacement of tires to put overwhelming stress on your budget.

Prepare yourself for a tire replacement if they start to work out. This replacement is generally not covered in the insurance policies because of their inevitable nature. Similarly, there are other regular replacements in your car, such as a windshield to add to your budget.

10. Depreciation

You will lose money as soon as the car leaves the dealership because of the depreciation. A cost that will continue to reduce the current value of your vehicle even if it is remain parked in your garage. It will affect your finances when you put the car on sale to buy a new vehicle.

The amount of depreciation depends upon car manufacturers and models. You should consider buying a used car as the vehicle will lose almost its 20% value in the first year.


To sum up, you must prepare yourself for the upcoming expense if you’re planning to buy a car. These expenses are often ignored to cause financial troubles that may lead to a debt situation. You should use the above tips to avoid a few costs while keeping the others in control.

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