3 Benefits of Consuming Bee Pollen

Before we dive right into what makes bee pollen a great addition to your diet, we should explain what it is exactly. People often only think of pollen when springtime rolls around and they notice bees buzzing around, doing their best to keep flowers pollinated. However, they do not always know that the pollen that bees carry can actually be enjoyed for its health benefits for humans. Bee pollen is the tiny ball of plant pollen that bees will pick up and mix with their digestive enzymes and honey or nectar to produce food for themselves. That special pollen, which is so nourishing to honey bees, also has many benefits for humans. When collected for human consumption, bee pollen has some amazing benefits for one’s health and makes a tasty addition to one’s ordinary diet. After learning more about what this pollen can do for your wellbeing, you might be eager to run out and get a container for yourself.

There is no way to discuss bee pollen without going over all of the nutritional benefits it has to offer. It is absolutely packed with nutrients to be a powerhouse of a dietary supplement. Bee pollen is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein. You also want to consider the fact that it is nutrient-rich even when it is only consumed in small quantities at a time, meaning that each individual piece contains so many different types of nutrients. This is a truly well-rounded, complete food. In addition to being packed with vitamins and minerals, bee pollen is also a strong antioxidant and can help support your immune system and reduce inflammation. Just a little bit of pollen comes with a huge amount of benefits.

Natural Way to Boost Health
As amazing as bee pollen is for all of its health benefits, we have to appreciate the fact that it is a fully natural way to consume so many nutrients all at once. Many people are simply more comfortable consuming their daily nutrients by way of food as opposed to capsules or tablets. Being able to consume all of these nutrients the same way that you would consume any of your meals or snacks makes it easier to turn it into a daily routine. It does not grow to feel like a chore like taking supplemental tablets might. It just feels like a normal part of the day in which you add some bee pollen to your meals. With bee pollen, you are just going about your day eating your meals, but adding a huge amount of nutritional gain while you are at it.

Easy Addition to Your Diet
The fact that bee pollen is so easy to consume is just the cherry on top. It is incredibly easy to add this pollen to your normal meals, which encourages you to consume it regularly. The first option for eating your bee pollen is, of course, to eat it just as it is. It is normally described as being earthy with a subtle sweet taste to it. Besides eating it alone, you can enjoy it mixed in with your other meals or snacks. Sprinkle it on top of your oatmeal, yogurt, or cottage cheese, and mix it in until it virtually disappears. Alone, you will notice that it has just a little bit of a bite to it, followed by some graininess. However, once you add it to other things, it should dissolve almost immediately, leaving behind little taste, but all of the same nutrition.

It is amazing how much of a difference a little bit of bee pollen can make. Just by adding a little bit of it to your meals every day, you can provide yourself with a huge boost in nutrition that helps your overall well-being. Pick up a jar of bee pollen from Savannah Bee and discover some ways to incorporate it into your diet.

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