3 Essential Brand Protection Strategies For Businesses Of All Sizes In 2021

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With the ability to add value to your company and carve out a unique name in the market, your brand is important to your business success. Having a robust brand strategy should be an essential component of your marketing plan to identify how consumers perceive you. However, brand protection is perhaps the most crucial aspect of this strategy. 

Success can attract imitators and thus protecting your company from such practices is an important part of maintaining the reputation of your brand. A brand protection solution basically safeguards a company’s intellectual property against counterfeiters and infringers. It is important to note here that not every brand deals with the same level of abuse, so anti-counterfeiting solutions should be tailored to a brand’s unique requirement.

In this blog, we will study how to use brand protection strategies for dealing with counterfeits across multiple platforms. 

1. Beginner strategy

At this level, your brand has just started to deal with brand abuse or perhaps you just want to be on the safe side and start anti-counterfeiting solutions early. The basic steps involved in starter strategy include: 

Meet the legal requirements – The first step is to register your brand’s name or logo as a trademark. You should consider protecting every product or service of your brand with utility patents. 

Gather evidence on IP infringements – Depending on the platform you are reporting IP infringements, the right holders need to prove that their IP is being infringed upon. 

Take action – Once you have all the relevant information, you will need to ensure that it complies with each individual platform reporting requirements and learn the processes for takedown requests. 

2. Immediate strategy

At this level, you may see counterfeits on different platforms. After taking care of the steps drafted in the beginner level strategy, you can take more control over the situation. 

Set up multi-channel monitoring – As a higher percentage of fake goods are sold via social media and in the online marketplace, you need to audit your brand IP infringements. This will help you identify where the threat is the biggest.

Make use of tech – Modern-day brands cannot rely solely on traditional methods of finding counterfeits. Thus, it is important to use tech to your advantage as technology allows team to work with greater efficiency. In addition, leveraging AI technology can help identify the biggest challenges in modern times, that is, online mass counterfeiting. 

Educate stakeholders – An effective anti-counterfeiting solution does not only protects your business from counterfeiters but also allows you to enjoy direct cost savings. Thus, it is important to educate your key stakeholders to enjoy the added benefit of brand protection strategy. 

3. Advanced strategy 

At this level, you are dealing with repeat infringements. 

Connect the dots to find the source of the threat – Adopt a proactive approach to help brands come up with long-lasting solutions to IP infringements.

Business intelligence – A strong brand protection strategy includes learning from new customer cases in order to offer actionable data to help improve IP strategies of the company. 

Combine online and offline brand protection strategies – In the modern world, offline practices are slow. While offline strategies are still important, the need of the hour is to integrate online tools to combat fake products today. 

When a brand protection strategy utilizes a combination of digital warranty solutions and offline tools, you have a strong brand protection strategy. Connect with Let’s Verify to get started implementing solid brand protection solutions today!

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