3 Types of Wholesale Necklaces to Buy

Before you can get your shop fully supplied with product inventory, you want to have a good idea of what you can and should be buying. With jewelry, you can break things down into categories and figure out which ones will perform the best in your store. Here are some of the main types of wholesale necklaces you should consider buying for your store.

Classic Styles
You can't go wrong with timeless, classic pieces of jewelry. When shopping for wholesale necklaces, this might be a style that you want to consider because of how common it is to see every day. These are the styles of necklaces that people will wear on a daily basis, regardless of what they are wearing. While they may seem simple and plain at a glance, their detail still shines through in the subtlety of their design. A simple gold chain can flatter anyone's appearance, no matter the age, gender, or style. A simple pendant necklace is a popular choice for regular wear because it is understated, but has enough color and style to make a difference. For these styles of wholesale necklaces, look for metals like gold, silver, and rose gold for the chain. These neutrals go with any look and can be paired with the color of stone or pearl if desired. Your customers might like finding some easy-to-wear jewelry options in your store.

Fashion Necklaces
Fashion necklaces are in a very different position from classic styles. While classic designs are meant to be timeless and simple, fashion jewelry is meant to be trendy and bold. You might want to purchase a range of options for wholesale fashion necklaces because of how much they grab attention and how varied they are. Fashion jewelry is incredibly diverse in style, showing off all sorts of colors, designs, and materials. They are meant to keep up with the changing trends so you may want to stay aware of what those are before making your order of wholesale necklaces. That should not be too difficult since the internet is such a helpful resource for discovering such things. These are the kinds of jewelry that make people the most excited to see and continue looking through, so do not be afraid of showing different styles of products. You can explore chokers, oversized chains, bohemian style necklaces, kitschy designs, etc. The choices go on and on, so make yours carefully the next time you shop for wholesale necklaces.

This type of necklace is a little more focused on particular occasions, so you need to know your audience before purchasing too many of these. Check to see how often people enter your shop looking for special occasion jewelry like large, bejeweled necklaces or elegant, simple chokers. You want to know what they are shopping for, so you can buy the wholesale necklaces that they will want to examine closer. Are they often shopping for weddings, bachelorette parties, special events, and birthday parties? Or are they shopping to wear on a regular basis? If you notice they want options for these special events, then you could meet their needs by purchasing some options for elegant, eveningwear wholesale necklaces. These necklaces tend to skew less trendy like fashion necklaces and more timeless like the classic styles. If you are not sure of which way your customers will lean, you may want to offer a mix of styles and see how customers react to them. From there on, you can adjust what you purchase for the next restock in inventory. 

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