5 Reasons To Hire Local Taxis

Canterbury to Gatwick

There are three primary ways of travelling from one place to another, including your own vehicle, public transport or a local taxi. When you don’t have your own private vehicle then you need to think about the other two options and find the best transportation route that suits your lifestyle.

Local taxis and public transports both have their own benefits, but local taxis have a significant edge over public transport when it comes to comfort and convenience. Even though public transport can be cheaper than hiring a taxi, that does not really matter most of the time. Here are five key reasons you should go for a local taxi service instead of choosing public transport to travel from one place to another. 


Whether you want to hire a taxi for Canterbury to the Stansted airport transfer or visit local attractions, rest assured you will be travelling freely from one place to another. It is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to reach your destination. You will have complete freedom to book a local taxi according to your schedule and availability without having to rush things. However, with public transportation, you will have to stick to a fixed schedule and follow their timing rather than your own.


In contrast to public transport, you will have all the comfort and privacy during your journey in a local taxi. Instead of being crammed in a single bus seat or not finding a seat at all, you can be assured that you will have all the space you need for a comfortable ride in a local taxi. A local taxi is much like a private vehicle where you have all the rights to make a decision on where and when to go. You can decide on your travel plans according to your comfort and timings. You can even enjoy a comfortable ride on longer journeys, such as from Canterbury to Gatwick, as there will be ample space for you to spread your limbs. 

Book In Advance

The best part of hiring local taxis is making the booking depending on your timetable and schedule. You won’t have to look up bus or train timings that will suit your schedule; instead, you can run according to your own schedule. You can make your booking over the phone or through the website with easy payment options. All in all, it gives you complete freedom to plan your entire travel plan as per your schedule. You can even cancel or reschedule your bookings without hesitation if there has been a change in your travel plans.

No Restrictions

When you hire a local taxi for your travel needs, you can count on no restrictions. You can decide on your travel routes and plans while travelling. You can count on your driver to pick you up from your place and drop you off at the exact location, saving you from the trouble of finding that place by yourself. There is absolutely no restriction of scheduled pickup or dropoff or how far you can travel in a local taxi. 

Luxury Options

In contrast to public transport, local taxi services have many different vehicle options available with them. You can choose the type of vehicle you want depending on your needs. Wilkinson Taxis have a collection of minicabs, London-style taxis, saloon cars and estate cars. Depending on the occasion, you can select the best car for yourself. 

If you want to hire a local taxi service in Canterbury, Wilkinson Taxis are the best option. We have a range of cars that are ready for you to book for your travel plans.

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