5 Simple Steps to Transfer Your Website to Another Web Host

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Hosting your website is essential for starting an online business. Your business will grow over time, and your current hosting plan may become obsolete. It is best to upgrade your hosting plan according to your requirements.

The problem is that your current provider may not be satisfying your needs. This could include email services, bandwidth, and support. It is wise to change instead of staying with your current, not-so-competent host provider. Let’s see how you can switch web hosts without losing your mind!

2 Ways To Transfer Your Website

There are only two ways to transfer your website to the new host. If your host offers site transfer, you can trust them. Just ensure that the site migration is completely free. Another method is to do it manually. We’ll talk about this in the article.

1). You can outsource your website migration

For busy business owners and beginners, it is a good idea to choose a web host that provides free migration support. HostCano is such a website which provides complete migration services and live support. 

Hosting is a competitive business. Host companies do everything they can to gain new customers. Several hosting companies offer cost-free site migration features to new customers, some of which we highly recommend. After signing up, you can request migration, and the support team will handle the rest.

2). Move your website manually

If you are planning to move your website manually, you don’t need to worry as our HostCano Web hosting India support team will always be there to assist you. To help you start, here are the steps to follow to migrate your website manually. 

  1. Buy a new web host
  2. Transfer website files and email accounts
  3. Verify data migration
  4. Point domain DNS to the new web host
  5. Final check and troubleshooting

Transfer Your Website To An Outsourcing Company

This process includes just two steps:

1) Sign up with a hosting provider that offers a free migration service

We don’t know whether your current web host offers the luxury of free site migration or not but if you are planning to signup with HostCano, you will surely receive the server migration service without any hidden charges. 

2) Free website migration

Just go to the chat support, and explain your requirements. You’ll be requested to drop a support ticket to the technical department in most cases. Do the same, and wait for the message from your side saying that the site migration process is complete. 

Move Your Website Manually

1) Buy a New Web Hosting

To move your website to a different hosting provider, It’s necessary to select a new web host. To make the process easier, you should look for a company that offers a free site transfer service.

Remember that the new host will significantly affect your hosting experience, not only during migration. Before making a decision, it is important to consider the long-term implications.

2) Move website email accounts and files 

The first step is to backup your entire website and save it to transfer hosting manually. This is where you want to ensure that there are no errors or missing pieces.

This ensures that your website’s content, plugins, and themes will remain unchanged when it goes live on the new hosting service.

3) Check the Data Migration

We recommend many plugins, such as Duplicator and All-In-One WP Migrator. While each plugin has its own features, all of them work together to make website migration easier.

A migration plugin is a great option for both beginners and people with very little technical knowledge. All-In-One WP migration, for example, allows you to upload plugins, files, databases, and themes, to another server by clicking a few buttons. To make the process even easier, it also offers drag-and-drop import functionality.

4) Your New Web Host will Get 2.4 Point Domain DNS

The process for pointing domain DNS to a new web host will vary depending on the country where your domain is located. However, you will need the nameservers for your new hosting provider in all cases. While signup with HostCano, we make sure to email all the important details after your signup process will be completed.

You will receive the details in a welcome email. In case, if by any chance, you haven’t received mail, you might be able to find the details in the General Information section on your cPanel dashboard. You’ll need to find something similar to ‘fg4522′. [yourhostingprovider].com’.

These documents will be required to change your website DNS. The transfer will take between one and three hours, depending on how you request it.

5) DNS Propagation Verification

It’s now time to wait for the changes you’ve done to take place. This usually takes only a few hours. The DNS changes may take around  24 hours to propagate.

You can flush the DNS cache to speed up the process. This is particularly useful for clearing out corrupted or obsolete DNS cache records after you have transferred hosting accounts.


It is easy to switch your web host. Follow the steps above and be on top of any issues. Remember to backup your website and database and then restore them. Also, make sure you keep your customers informed about the change. We wish you a happy switch.

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