6 Benefits of Building Blocks For Your Children

Benefits of Building Blocks For Your Children

Building blocks are one of the most favorite games of a child. Mostly, the children who spend their entire day in daycare centers play this game most. Playing with plastic or wood blocks gives your child pleasure and amusement. Also, your child can develop many life learning skills through this game.

This article provides detailed information about block building, and you will get to know about 6 major benefits of this game that your child gets along with pleasure.

So, let’s read onward.

6 Benefits of Building Blocks

If you search, you will find several benefits of building block games for a child. Here we have enlisted the major 6 benefits of building blocks for you:

Know About Self Expression

One of the main benefits of building block is that it helps bloom your child’s self-expression quality. When your child starts playing with blocks, it tries to make new structures every day.

Through this activity, their creativity grows up a lot. And each child builds unique structures with their blocks. Generally, they do not get matched with others. Thus, they can think of something different and express their creative selves.

Grow Problem Solving Skills

When your child is building something with blocks like a house, a sculpture, an animal, etc., they might make some errors in their designs. When they find that the structure is going wrong, they add some blocks or remove some to make it correctly structured.

These error and correction phases arise problem-solving qualities among your children. By adding or removing blocks from their building, they start thinking about a problem, the error in the design, and try to solve it anyhow. Thus it helps to develop their neurological functions as well.

Improve Science Skills

Building block teaches your child scientific skills. Before they start to make a structure using the blocks, they first plan how the structure will look like. According to their plan, they begin arranging blocks to make the structure.

If they find in the middle that there is something wrong with the structure or somehow the design is not going the same as planned, they stop arranging blocks there. Eventually, they might try to rearrange the blocks again to give them the desired shape.

Similarly, science also deals with planning, working. If it fails, then reevaluate. That is how your children improve their science skills through block-building games.

Develop Math Skills

Your children not only learn science skills from building blocks, but they also learn math skills as well. Math generally deals with calculation, measurements, symmetry, counting, comparison, and many more.

All these skills your children can learn earlier from building blocks. Because, while constructing something with the blocks, they measure, count, compare and sometimes calculate.

Also, they estimate how many blocks they will need for building each part and measure how small or big their structure will be. Besides, they compare which part is better and which is less. Thus, they quickly capture math skills and can apply this knowledge in their schools while solving math problems.

Learn About Team Work

If you leave your child in a daycare center, they normally play these building block games with other children, either in groups or pairs. By doing so, they learn the importance of teamwork and how to work in a team.

Eventually, they can grow qualities like patience, sharing, respecting others’ opinions, caring, and cooperation. These qualities are very important for your child, which often lead them to improve leadership skills in the future.

Boost Self Esteem

Completion of a building using blocks increases self-esteem among your children. When they make something completed successfully, they start feeling confident and more encouraged to do another one.

Needless to say, to do something good or best, self-esteem and confidence are incomparable. If you do not feel confident about any work, you can not do your best despite your thousand times trying.


So, now you know the major 6 benefits of building blocks games, right? Apart from these benefits, you can find many more advantages of this game if you search. This game is really effective for your child’s mental, psychological, and neurological development.

So, try to engage your child in playing this type of game to improve their skills through playing. Who knows, there lies a great engineer, scientist, or mathematician among your child.

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