6 Steps to Outstanding Custom Cosmetic Labels

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Cosmetic brands are highly dependent on the quality of their labels. The wide variety of labels, found in various shapes, finishes, and brightness are responsible for attracting customers and ensuring fast sale. To do this, shelf-visibility is very important, and customized custom labeling of cosmetic products can do a lot to be eye-catching.

Custom labeling of cosmetic and skincare items requires careful selection of the label. While selecting the label and one has to keep in mind that different products require different qualities of labels. Oils should have a label that is resistant to wetness and should also not get wrinkled when carried frequently.

The kind of labeling to be used also depends on the material of packaging and the surfaces being labeled. The labels need to be clean, eye-catching and have a striking appeal. The label needs to tell the whole story of the product, and it is always does best by industry experts. There are certain items that are mandatory to be present on the label, like the

• The product

• Its procedure

• Weight of the container

• The outcome of improper usage

When a brand wants to stand out in the competition, it needs to take note of label embellishments, which finally impact real sales. The label should be such that it does not stain, or get washed away owing to humid conditions or wet environment. To get this neat, permanent, and wet-resistant label brands can opt for personalised vinyl decals for beauty products. These stickers are durable and are capable of enduring high temperatures.

How Labeling Can Be Used To Boost Sales

Labeling on cosmetic products needs certain basic rules to be followed, to create a visual impact and appeal to the customer’s  eyes. They are:

1. The Material of the Product Container – The type of materials, the containers are made up of dictates the type of label that could be put on it. If the product needs to be seen as a high-end, attractive and clean look, one should choose polypropylene. The various forms of polypropylene are used on various container materials. The materials can be glass or hard plastic

2. To Protect the Label, Lamination is a Good Option – The cosmetic products contain different chemicals like alcohol and certain oils, which can leave a stain on the labels. The labels also, encounter product transfer through the user’s finger. To make sure that the information on the label or the label as a whole does not get damaged, the best option is to opt for lamination. The cosmetic containers are laminated mostly with polyester as the common laminate.

It can be used to generate be both matte and a glossy finish. This purpose can be served by Personalized Vinyl labels, Bahrain. A pen or a Sharpie can be used to provide any additional yet important information on the container if Thermal polyester laminate is used.

3. It is mandatory for the ingredients to be listed – It is mandatory for the cosmetic brand to reveal certain information about the product, under the law. This includes the net weight of the container and the ingredients of the product inside. This should be communicated on the front side of the container, known as Principal Display Panel or PDP. The Manufacturers ‘information or Allergen statements should be present on the side panel of the container, or a label pasted at the back of the container.

4. Selecting a good label is of utmost importance for marketing – A customized label, for a cosmetic brand, is very important. Customers are hugely impacted by the appeal of a thoughtful label and can help them fly off shelves or appeal through images online. A high-quality label can change the perception of a cosmetic brand.

5. The printing process of cosmetic labels – The labels can be printed by various methods of printing, depending on the quantity of batches. The types of looks intended to be created as well as the cost, all depend on the printing method adopted.

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