6 Tips to Control Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a word that doesn’t sound any less than a nightmare. Being a chronic illness, we know how difficult it is to live with the condition. Diabetes is a multifactorial disease and is a common condition. 

Despite being very common, we see that that condition is poorly understood. It took me years to explain to my mother that the condition goes far beyond having a random blood sugar test and controlling your sugar intake. 

Diabetes – A Condition Beyond High Sugar

All I know is a diabetes diagnosis can change your life for sure. From your food preferences to the way you think about your health, it takes a lot of courage to live with a condition such as diabetes. The problem isn’t only the increased blood sugar levels but the complications it brings along including eye health problems, numbness in feet and soles, wounds requiring more time to heal, and much more.

How to Control Your Blood Sugar Naturally?

If you are diabetic and have seen suffering people in your vicinity suffering from a condition like diabetes, then know how important it is to have control over your blood sugar levels. The good part is that you can still get control over your sugar levels with minor lifestyle changes. Wonder what they can be? Here is all you need to know about controlling your blood sugar level naturally.

1- Be Carb Wise

Every time we talk about sugar control, it always begins with controlling your carb intake. The reason is pretty clear that carbs form the major food group in the diet and are considered an instant source of energy. Sugar is also carbs, right?

So, choosing the right kind of carbs can be sure to control your blood sugar levels well. A general rule of thumb says that choose the carbs that require time to digest and release sugar slowly into the bloodstream. This prevents the sudden spike in your blood sugar level as compared to other carbs sources.

2- Lots of Fiber

We identify the role of fiber towards better digestive and heart health, right?

But do you know that only if you know the benefits of fiber towards blood n sugar level control, they are going to be your next favourite? More fiber in your diet can reduce the absorption of sugar in your bloodstream. There are even studies that support the fact that fiber in the diet can even prevent the onset of diabetes type 2.

So, make sure you get a lot of fiber from a variety of food sources.

3- Get Quality Sleep

Your sleep quality is important no matter if we talk about weight loss or maintaining a good blood sugar level. The reason is clear that sleep quality affects the rate of metabolism in our bodies. 

Even lack of good quality sleep is known to be a risk factor for the type tp disease. So, make sure if you are looking for natural ways to control your blood sugar level, take 6-8 hours of quality sleep to help your systems perform well. 

4- Healthy Body Weight

A healthy body is essential for a healthy body and mind, and we can’t refuse the fact. The reason is pretty clear.

Obesity is an important risk factor for conditions like diabetes. It does not affect your digestion and other processes like metabolism but results in increased insulin resistance in the body. You know that fighting this insulin resistance in the body can be even more difficult than we think. So, yes, having regulated blood sugar levels is dependent on your body weight management.

5- Drink Water

Water is good for your overall health. 

Not only does it keep you hydrated but it is a prerequisite for efficient metabolism. Further, having more and more water in your body’s the reason behind your diluted blood sugar. It takes nothing but to keep your water consumption in check. You have to struggle with your water consumption during the early days but once you get habitual, it’s not going to be a bigger problem. 

6- Stay Active

Walk, run, swim and do whatever you think is good for you. 

Irrespective of the intensity and strength of the workout pattern you follow, know that there are a lot of benefits of physical activity. This is something you require to improve the processing of insulin in your body. Through this, you can get good control over your blood sugar level. So, next time you need to find a reason to hit the gym, remember the management of blood sugar levels naturally. 

Bottom Line!

Diabetes is a terrible condition to live with. We all can agree on this fact. No matter what age group you belong to, the natural ways to manage blood sugar come before any other thing. So, yes, try these measures before they cause more damage.

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