7 best forex brokers in 2021

7 best forex brokers

Forex trading requires you to sign up for an account with a regulated broker. How do you choose from a plethora of brokers though? How do you differentiate scammers from real ones?

The first step to choosing a broker is to set your trading goals. If you have not done that already, picking a trader would be difficult. 

Numerous people are interested in Forex trading these days. This is a highly competitive market. 

Your interest and initial research brought you to the website of Safe Trade Binary Options. 

Today we bring you the 7 best forex brokers in 2021. This guide would help you pick a trusted broker. 

7 best forex brokers in 2021

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Forex.com is one of the best brokers in 2021. 

A bit different from other brokers, Forex.com accepts U.S traders.

 CFTC and NFA strictly monitor the activities which make it safe. All you do is open an account. It allows you to trade up to 80 currency pairs. 

Not only this, but they also have both web and mobile apps that you can download. You can also grab trading opportunities by reading the information on their website. 

If your skills have gotten rusty, you can rely on their videos. They also provide guides on specific strategies. Create a trading plan to meet your goals


CedarFX comes with an affordable price and technology. They take no commissions and have lower spreads. 

Having lower spreads means that volatility is low. You can also trade Forex, crypto and other underlying assets through this one platform. 

They offer a free demo account. Using this, you can get yourself acquainted with the strategies especially if you are a beginner. 

 Interactive Brokers

This is suitable for advanced brokers. Interactive brokers allow you to open different accounts based on your requirements. You can find your account with multiple currencies.

You can also access market data all day for 6 days per week. Interactive brokers have webbed into 135 markets in 33 countries. They are currently dealing with 23 currencies. 

They have both mobile and web versions. Extraordinary technology and free tools are available. It has a low commission of $2.

These tools would help you seek market opportunities. Now manage your account and analyse your data with this  FX broker.


eToro is everything that a beginner can want. Beginners can follow the trading patterns of experts and learn the procedure. 

Forex beginners can also rely on their resources. The minimum deposit is $50. It is regulated in Australia, the U.K. and Cyprus in the EU. So, it is a safe platform. 


A user-friendly platform, it has an all-day bilingual support system. It is related across 6 continents. 

AvaTrade can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile. You can even get training sessions with their account manager.

 IG Markets

IG markets let you trade 80 different currency pairs. You need to pay a minimum deposit of $250. Your money is always under trustee arrangements for higher security. 


If you are looking for an easy to use FX platform, OANDA should be your best choice. It provides several educational materials that will help you learn the techniques.


Here are the top 7 Forex brokers in 2021. These would help you choose your perfect broker. These brokers will be your perfect trading partner.

Hope this guide helps!

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