A Complete Guide For Classification Of Tyres

Nuneaton Bargain Tyres

There are many types of tyres that you need to look for while choosing the best one for your vehicle. We will discuss below some basic types into which your tyre can be classified.

Nuneaton Bargain Tyres


While manufacturing Continental Tyres Nuneaton, the best set of engineers and chemists are involved. While engineers work upon giving the best structure to the tyre, the role of chemists is to provide the best compound mixes of natural and synthetic rubber to the tyre.

The tyre compound also includes silica and carbon black for better performance, efficiency and life of the tyre. The harder compound offers a longer life but lesser road grip. Whereas a softer compound tends to offer a shorter life, the road grip is better than the tyres with a hard compound.

While buying a replacement of your tyres, you must go through that description and buy a set based on what your and your vehicle’s priorities are.


All-season tyres are the most commonly used tyres in every vehicle. Though that cannot fulfil the purpose of winter tyre on icy and snowy roads, they pretty much work efficiently in all other weather conditions.

The grip that is necessary on the icy road and icy weather conditions is only attained by winter tyre. Otherwise, driving on such roads becomes difficult due to slipping tyres. Also, during the summer season, the compound of the tyres tend to soften, while in the winter season, the compound becomes harder.

All-season tyre have a higher natural rubber content, helping them stay supple in low weather conditions. So that when the compound becomes soft, it still is not in a dangerous condition.

In winter tyre, the tread pattern and embedded metal studs also help in dissipating snow. They help the tyre have a proper grip on the snow-covered roads even when the snow gets stuck in the tyre.


There are two types of Nuneaton Bargain Tyres present in the market. One is a tubeless tyre, and the other one is a tyre that comes with the tube present inside it.

There are many benefits of tubeless tyre as compared to tyres with tubes. Tubeless tyre does not get punctured easily. They are also reliable, safer, discharge less air and are long-lasting in nature. If you are planning to buy a tyre for your vehicle, it is always recommended that you go for a tubeless tyre because of its compatibility and durability.

Although it is necessary that you check the wheel rim and the tyre, it is compatible with. Do not assume anything beforehand. You can find the answer to it by looking at the tyre or vehicle guide.

Based on application:


Highway: The vehicles that rarely run off the road and are habitual of running on paved roads use highway tyre. These tyres are specially designed to run on both dry and wet roads and weather conditions. They provide a good grip on roads. Some are even designed with better fuel efficiency in mind. They are also capable of taking heavy loads on them.

All-terrain: All-terrain Car tyres Nuneaton are tyres that are designed to achieve a balance between on-roading and off-roading. They have big tread blocks that provide a proper grip on wet and dry roads.

Mud-terrain: These tyres have giant tread blocks as compared to all-terrain and highway tyre. The manufacturing of these tyres is done keeping in mind its performance while off-roading. These tyres are not suitable on roads. They can easily handle a large amount of mud, slush, rock, etc., while off riding due to their design.

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