A Major Reason Behind Car Accidents

Major Reason Behind Car Accidents

Only your tyres have contact with the road surface. Therefore, they are vital for the performance of your vehicle. Usually, car drivers consider other components of their vehicle while they think about the maintenance of their vehicle but overlook the car tyres. This is the wrong approach. Every car driver should maintain their car drivers with the help of appropriate steps.

If you ignore the maintenance of your car Tyres Almer for a long time, they may cause serious road accidents.

Yes, it is true!

Tyres May Also Cause Road Accidents

To keep your car safe on roads, it is mandatory that your tyres perform appropriately. The bad health of your tyres will reduce the performance level of your vehicle. Due to reasons like overloading or treadwear, your car tyres will affect the level of driving experience and overall safety of your vehicle.

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In this blog, we are going to discuss the most common types of defects that may cause car accidents:

Manufacturing Faults:

Sometimes, you get faulty tyres from the market. These tyres are unsafe for use. It is possible the set of tyres is made up with the help of low-quality materials. Therefore, you have to buy your tyres always from a trusted dealer. Leading tyre-making brands are an ideal choice to buy car tyres.

Tread Separation:

It is a dangerous case if the tread part detaches from the body of the tyre. This fault may take place due to manufacturing defects, or serious damage to the tyre. Tyre tread separation may occur due to overinflation as well when you drive over potholes or bumps regularly. Driving a vehicle with a tyre that has a separated tread can be extremely dangerous. You can lose your control over the vehicle due to tread separation. Therefore, check your tyres regularly to avoid this issue.

Improperly Inflated Tyres:

Your tyres may cause serious road accidents if they are not properly inflated. If your tyres do not have enough air pressure, they will flex on the road to increase the contact area. Increased contact area will increase the level of heat and friction and your tyres will start to wear out quickly. These tyres are risky especially on wet roads.

Similarly, tyres with overinflation will bounce on the road surface just like a football. Moreover, a shorter area will touch the road surface as well due to high air pressure. In this

condition, your tyres will be highly risky. You would hardly be able to control your vehicle if it is running on overinflated tyres.


Tyres come with proper tread parts to provide proper grip and traction on favourable and unfavourable road surfaces. The tread component wears out gradually due to the factors like friction, heat, rough road surfaces, and driving habits. The legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm in the UK. Therefore, you cannot drive your car when the tread depth is below the legal limit.

The legal rules apart, you should not drive on bald tyres because of the risk of road accidents. Bald tyres are inefficient in both favourable and harsh road conditions. they cannot make proper grip and traction on roads. Moreover, they make the tyres more prone to punctures and blowouts. Therefore, it is better if you change your bald tyres as soon as possible.

Signs That Tell Your Tyres Are Not in Good Condition

If you want to be sure about the health of your car tyres, you have to look at the following signs:

Decreased Tread Depth:

You will observe that your tyres will show decreased tread depth when they are in bald condition. You have to change your bald tyres instantly because of the obvious reasons.

Bulges or Cracks On The Sidewall:

Change your tyres instantly when you observe bulges or cracks on their sidewall. These signs make it clear that your tyres are ageing. Moreover, bulges may take place on the sidewall due to impact damage. They are more likely to occur if you drive your vehicle over potholes or bumps.

Decreased Performance Level:

When your tyres are old and damaged, you will clearly observe that your tyres do not perform at their best level. They do not provide proper grip and traction and your vehicle skids often on wet roads. In this condition, you have to change the present set of tyres instantly.


It is easy to understand that tyres are vital for your vehicle. Therefore, you need to ensure proper maintenance for your tyres. if you avoid it, you will face negative outcomes in the form of poor performance of your car tyres. poor performance of your Cheap Tyres Shaftesbury will invite serious road accidents. Therefore, it is better you look after your car tyres effectively.

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