A Trip From Roommate To Friend

A Trip From Roommate To Friend

College and university students often consider moving into shared housing, and there are many things to consider when relocating to a new city, including whether it would be wise to share a flat or not.

Living alone in Bangalore can be very stressful and lonely, especially if you don’t have a large monthly budget. NestAway is overgrowing in India. It aims to offer superior rental and shared housing solutions in Bangalore through design & technology.

Advantages of Flat Sharing and PGs in Bangalore

If you are still deciding whether you should consider living in a PG or a flat in Bangalore, exploring the advantages you can enjoy if you choose that lifestyle would be ideal. Given below are some of the significant advantages of living in PGs and flats:

Built-in Friends Are a Plus

It can be challenging to make friends as an adult, particularly if you move away from home to attend university. A great way to meet new people if you’re looking to expand your social network is by moving into shared rooms if you are planning to move to Bangalore.

Joint Living Expenses

These days, living expenses are no laughing matter, especially in big cities like Bangalore, where the rental market may be fiercely competitive. Students who attend school full-time frequently struggle to make ends meet since they must combine working and studying.

Cities like Bangalore and Mumbai can be quite expensive when it comes to housing. Shared rooms in Bangalore are an excellent way to lower living costs rather than paying rent and bills on your own if you want to build a saving habit on a monthly basis.


Flat sharing is a simple route to independence if you want the freedom that comes with living away from home. Having your own apartment after living with family can be intimidating, but shared housing is the best middle ground. Although you’ll no longer be subject to many of the restrictions that come with living in your parents’ house, you’ll still have housemates.

Sharing and Learning More about Life

Living in the ladies PG in Bangalore with others will give you an excellent opportunity to learn from one another and offer you company. As a result, over time, you will be able to pick up a variety of talents if you live with people with varied qualities. Eventually, your washing machine or other appliances may stop working, and you might need help with what to do in such situations. However, one of your roommates will, and you can see how they resolve the issue.

Living in a PG/flat can also help you explore the city well in the long run. You can hang with your roommates at different parks, malls, museums, etc., which will eventually expand your horizon of experiences in the long run.

Exceptionally Helpful for Students

Students tend to live on a tight budget and have little money set aside for rent. Additionally, students frequently like social interaction and desire to do it as frequently as feasible. Therefore, shared living arrangements like a flat or a PG in Bangalore can be an excellent alternative to dorm life, especially for students, and can make a lot of sense.

Supporting One Another in Crucial Times

When you live in a PG or flat with roommates, handling difficult situations becomes much easier than when you live alone.

For instance, you can assist one another with completing college coursework or a variety of other daily tasks. Since everyone has various talents and weaknesses, you can help your roommates out in the areas where you excel and ask for assistance in those where you fall short. In turn, life can become much simpler, and everyone can benefit from knowing one another.

Homely Environment

If you live with the same roommates for a considerable amount of time, you will establish a close bond with them. As a matter of fact, since you will interact with them frequently over the course of a few years, you will come to think of your housemates as a sort of extended family.

Hosting Lovely Events

Sharing housing can allow you to host lovely parties with your roommates and invite plenty of new guests. Since you have all the amenities, you need at home, having parties with your roommates and their friends can be a lot of fun and frequently more enjoyable than going out to a bar or club.

Final Words

Nestaway can help you to find your next house. Regardless of whether you wish to relocate to a new location or search for better accommodation in the same area. Our extensive network, which covers all significant Indian cities, makes it easier for you to find a home.

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