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Avon Tyres was formed in 1904 and is today’s a household name and one of the recognizable tyre brands in the world. Avon Tyres, located in the United Kingdom, is a worldwide tyre manufacturer. Avon has been producing high-quality tyres for various vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, vans, and trailers. Over the years, Avon has shown itself not just on the road but also on the world’s racetracks, both on two and four wheels.

Avon Tyres Oswestry is productive and efficient, with features such as increased durability and longevity and enhanced safety and fuel efficiency. Avon’s almost a century of tyre manufacturing experience is blended with cutting-edge design and production technologies. Hence, these products have garnered immense popularity among tyres buyers.

 Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of tyres. Look for the Avon Tyres Oswestry. They offer a wide range of products, and you will never be disappointed by this brand; these tyres do not compromise on performance and durability.

 Benefits of using Avon summer tyres

·       Avon summer tyres have a unique tread pattern that enhances traction and reduces braking distances due to their block tread design, creating more giant footprints.

·       These tyres have specialized tread bars that guarantee proper cornering and steering responsiveness.

·       These units are durable rubber composite and give the greatest possible optimal surface with a unique groove design.

Best-selling summer tyres:

·       Avon ZT7

·       Avon ZTZ

 Benefits of using Avon winter tyres

·       Avon Tyres are comprised of soft rubber compounds, making them flexible even in extreme winter circumstances below 7 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for snow-covered and slick roads.

·       Their innovative tyre design constructed with the softer rubber combinations and silica in it allows quick water evacuation, reducing the risk of aquaplaning while still providing incredible traction in snowy and slippery roads.

Best-selling winter tyres:

·       Avon WVZ Snow

·       Avon WTZ Snow

 Benefits of using Avon all-season tyre

·       Avon’s all-season tyres combine the finest elements all categories of tyres to provide consistent performance in all weather.

·       These all-season tyres will ensure your vehicle’s performance and stability in various weather conditions by providing the expected grip on the dry and wet road.

Best selling all-season tyre

·       AS7

  Benefits of using Avon Run-flat tyre

·       The Avon run-flat tyres offer a unique tread design with large circumferential grooves that efficiently drain water and reduce aquaplaning in wet conditions.

·       The sidewalls of Avon Run-flat tyres are reinforced, allowing you to drive up to a specified distance at a reduced speed.

·       It has sequenced tread blocks that decrease road-noise, making for a more pleasant driving experience.

 Best selling run-flat tyres :

·       Avon ZZ3 Runflat Tyres

·       Avon ZV7

  Benefits of using Avon Performance tyres

·       Avon performance tyres provide excellent wet grip. It proved to be effective at damping the roar over rough concrete, and it will provide the quietest grip over the tarmac.

·       For sports automobiles, these units provide outstanding and unrivalled performance. At greater speeds, they provide improved responsiveness, steering, and control.

 Best-selling performance is

·       3d ultra sport av79.

·       3d ultra sport av80.

·       AM6 Speedmaster.

  Benefits of using Avon 4×4 Tyres Oswestry

·       Avon 4x4tyreshaveused new polymer technology with a unique tread compound that will provide you with an enhanced wet and dry performance.

·       Avon 4×4 tyres are suited for highway driving where increased safety is required.

·       This unit delivers exceptional grip, braking, durability, and comfort during all seasons.

 Some popular Avon 4×4 tyres are

·       Avon Ranger 65

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