Advantages of Using an Attendance Management System

Attendance System

Employee attendance must be tracked by companies. It is nearly hard to retain proper payroll records, compute benefits, or comply with labor requirements without this information. However, tracking attendance is a time-consuming task for both employees and management. Therefore, number of firms relies on the biometric time attendance system of the Philippines to monitor employee attendance and calculate the salary.

What is Biometrics?

Before getting into the details of attendance systems, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the term “biometrics.” Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of a person’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics and it is widely used for identification and access control. Biometric attendance machine suppliers provide these machines to the companies to track when employees clock in and out of work. Some organizations also utilize biometric management software to regulate access to restricted parts of the firm, providing an additional layer of protection.

Various Biometric Attendance Systems

The Biometric time attendance systems of the Philippines are available in different varieties, each recognizing a specific part of the body. Fingerprint attendance system software is the most widely used attendance machine. Images of the ridge end and bifurcations that comprise a fingerprint pattern are saved for verification.

Facial recognition technology is also used widely by the suppliers of biometric attendance machines. In this, a map is created that depicts the form and position of various organs and skin on the face. This approach has been shown to be very helpful in remote locations for detecting a face in a crowd.

Iris recognition is one of the most effective approaches for biometric attendance systems in Philippines. The iris patterns that are unique to each person are saved as encrypted bar codes.

Benefits of Using Biometric Attendance Systems

Using biometric attendance management systems in an organization offers a wide range of benefits. Some of them are given below-

Accuracy – Even when we give them computational aids, humans are prone to mistake. An accurate time record is provided by the automated attendance management systems while eliminating the unavoidable and costly errors associated with manual data entry. As a result, reliable data is used to offer accurate performance and payroll data.

Efficiency – Manually monitoring and controlling attendance may be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly. The biometric attendance system of Philippines saves most of your time. The time and effort saved, along with data quality, aids in resource optimization, resulting in greater production and profitability.

Eliminate Buddy Punching and Time Fraud- Attendance systems that uses PIN codes or ID cards can be easily manipulated. Colleagues can use these systems to clock in on each other’s behalf or even alter the actual amount of hours worked during a shift. In this sense, biometric attendance systems of the Philippines are far more secure because the employee must physically check-in and exit.

Real-Time Tracking – Biometric attendance management offers real-time tracking and provides automatic inputs for payroll processing. This facilitates the management of different payment plans and makes all information available in real-time.

Security – The majority of attendance management systems are designed with highly secure systems and architecture in mind. Biometric systems, in particular, are very reliable and secure and may help eliminate time theft, buddy punching, and administrative expenditures. The suppliers of biometric attendance machines supply these products to businesses where security is a top priority.

Things to Be Kept in Mind While Using Biometric Attendance

Every organization desires to use technology to make the workplace smarter. That is why most companies are implementing biometric attendance systems in Philippines. However, there are some points that the companies must keep in mind while installing the biometric attendance systems- When using a biometric attendance system, the most important factor is data security. Because the system uses workers’ personal information, data security must be guaranteed to avoid identity theft. The installed biometric attendance management system must be effective in performing and easy to use for the function for which it is intended and give the greatest user experience possible.

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