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Every component of your vehicle plays a significant role in running it. But tyres deserve a special mention. Not only do they bear the entire load of the car, but they also cushion it against harsh road conditions. 

In current times, the tyre market is saturated with various makes and models of radials. Each of them is made to match the vehicle and the various road conditions it encounters. The classification is done based on two parameters: constituent rubber compound and tread design. Varying these aspects yields different types of tyres, as listed below.

All about summer tyres:

The excruciatingly high summer temperatures heat the roads making handling difficult. The rubber compound is specifically prepared to sustain the hot weather and adhere to the pavement. Thus, the handling improves, making your rides through both dry and wet roads comfortable. In addition, the low rolling friction reduces fuel consumption and noise level. In terms of tread pattern, the channels are narrow, increasing the contact area. That accounts for the superb traction and short braking distance on dry roads. But once the temperature falls below a particular limit ( 7°C), all these features have a negative effect.

All about winter tyres:

Since summer tyres no longer work below the seven-degree mark, snow ones become a necessity. A superior grip is essential to trudge through all the snow and ice, and winter tyres can provide that. The compound that makes up these tyres constitutes a large proportion of natural rubber. Thus, it does not wither in the cold, yielding excellent braking and handling. The deep blocks on the tread add to their gripping ability. A large number of sipes helps channel water away from the tyre and prevents aquaplaning. But these cannot be used in the hotter months of the year.

All about all-season tyres:

If you live in an area where the climate is neither too cold nor too hot, changing tyres every few months can seem tedious. Fitting a set while storing away the other can also get expensive. That is why you can switch to all-season tyres that can provide the ultimate traction throughout the year.

All about 4×4 tyres:

Standard on-road tyres are often not suitable for running on rough terrains. The elements of the tread can get blocked, and the grip is lost. So, instead, you can fit 4×4 tyres that have large tread blocks and grooves. These provide excellent traction while moving through snow, mud, gravel and snow. 

All about run-flat tyres:

No matter how well you take care of your Goodyear Tyres Loughborough, one of them popping while driving will probably not surprise you. Punctures are that common, but it does not make them less inconvenient. Spare wheels are rare to come by in modern vehicles as they add to their weight. Even if you have a sealant repair kit at hand, there could be safety concerns about parking on the side of the road. But what if your tyres continued to run even with a leak? That is where run-flats come in. These can run for a limited distance, usually 80 kilometres at a particular speed.

Final words:

When you look at the shelves of a tyre store, the sheer variety could astonish you. But every make of tyre we mentioned above is suitable for one circumstance or the other. When you are buying a set for your vehicle, ensure you pick the correct one. Once that is done, you can choose between premium and  Cheap Tyres Loughborough and purchase an appropriate size. Get them fitted on your wheels at your trusted garage, and enjoy your rides!

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