All That You Need To Know About A Hair Loss Treatment In Kolkata

hair loss treatment

Losing a little hair every day is natural. According to most medical studies, shedding up to 100 hair strands daily is normal. However, it can be an issue if your daily hair loss is more significant than this or if you have a family history of hair loss.

If you lose hair frequently and excessively, you can develop bald spots on your head, whether you’re a man or thinning hair on top of your head if you’re a woman. Numerous occurrences of this illness arise in considerably younger individuals, even though many people of both genders can experience this form of hair loss by age 50. 

Factors which affect hair loss:-

Numerous factors, such as inherited genetics, illness, stress, medications, injuries, ageing, or improper hair care, can result in hair loss. However, investigating these incidents in depth reveals that:

Inherited loss:

Hair loss that is genetically inherited from one or both of your parents is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia, male-pattern hair loss, or female-pattern hair loss are the names of these types of hair loss.

Your hair follicles shrink due to this genetic disorder’s sensitivity to the androgen hormone class, including testosterone. The result is thinner hair and, ultimately, none at all. As a result, women frequently deal with thinning hair on top of the head, while men frequently acquire bald spots in the frontal region or on the top of the head.

Age factor:

Our hair follicles produce less new hair as we age, which makes it much easier for us to break our hair.

Stress: mental, emotional, or physical:

Significant hair loss might also result from recently having surgery, an illness, a high fever or if you are going through any stress or mental trauma. Most of the time, though, your hair will regrow after a few months when you are mentally or physically stable.

Hair products and styling:

Hair loss can come from hairstyles that pull your hair back too tightly or use lots of chemicals in hair products.

Lack of nutrition:

Hair loss may also result from a diet lacking in protein or iron. 

Hormonal adjustments:

It can also result from childbirth, birth control pills, or modifications to a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Hair loss symptoms include:

It can happen as shedding, where large clumps of hair can be seen falling out, or as a progressive thinning out, in which case you might not see your hair disappearing. The front hairline, forehead, and top of the head are most commonly affected by genetic hair loss in men. Contrarily, women who have this disorder gradually lose hair across their scalps, primarily on the top of the head. However, there may also be distinct trends for other hair loss causes.

Stress and other medications can result in clumps of hair falling out. However, the majority of illnesses that cause this ailment cause noticeable patches of hair loss.

Getting Rid of Hair Loss:

Depending on the disorder’s cause, different hair loss treatments are available on the market now. Others opt to use hair pieces or other hair styling techniques, while some prefer to cure hair loss with medication or hair transplant surgery. Let’s take a closer look at the most prevalent ones:

Biological hair loss:

This treatment method tries to stop hair loss, promote growth, and help fill bald spots on the scalp. This condition may be treated with finasteride or minoxidil.


This type of hair loss treatment may involve scalp reduction, flap surgeries, and hair transplants.

After going through all the pointers about hair loss and related issues, now a question arises which method to cure hair loss is best? So, no doubt, Kolkata’s hair loss treatment is the best among any other solutions you can get. So now, let’s look at the advantages of hair transplant in Kolkata. And the advantages are as follows.

Get rid of baldness:

Your hair-related problems are resolved with a hair loss treatment in Kolkata. You won’t have to be concerned about bald spots or a receding hairline anymore. A hair transplant corrects your receding hairline and strengthens the hair volume on balding or thinning areas of your head. As a result, you won’t likely experience balding again, thanks to the highly effective results of hair transplant in Kolkata.

Natural appearing hairline:

After having the hair loss treatment in Kolkata, people shouldn’t be able to tell you the difference. A more realistic-looking hairline is made possible by the results of hair loss treatment in Kolkata. You can anticipate long-lasting effects and a gorgeous, healthy head of hair.

So, these were the beautiful advantages of hair loss treatment in Kolkata, which you can also get if you face the problem of hair loss. But now the question arises: from where you can get the best hair loss treatment in Kolkata, then Dr Paul’s advanced hair and skin solutions are just a perfect option. So, contact Dr Paul’s clinic today and get the best hair transplant in Kolkata.

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