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The brand is the face of a business, and building a brand that represents you and your business is not an easy task. It needs years of hard work to gain customer loyalty and confidence. The business world is ever-changing and highly competitive these days. It takes a lot to build a reputation among your target audience. Thus brand is the most important asset of your business that drives your company’s reputation and fuels your revenue generation. That is the reason one should invest in effective brand protection solutions that will shield their image from fraudulent activities which might tarnish the reputation of your organization. 

There are several tools and anti-counterfeiting solutions available to safeguard your brand name and image from being misused by competitors but one needs to rely on the correct one. The fact is that a successful and renowned brand is more vulnerable and can be easily copied by copycats or other competitors, to drift the attention towards themselves. Infringement of a brand name impacts the consumer to a great extent. In most cases, people end up losing valuable customers or contracts. This directly hits the reputation and curb revenue generation

Whether you are a manufacturer or a service provider, your hard-earned fame can be tarnished anytime if you don’t use proper brand protection labels. Even if you are a new business owner or an old player in the market, brand protection is an essential step that should be considered as an important aspect to protect your asset. But to know more about it and how you can implement it, you must know the basics of Brand Protection solutions and why you need one for your business. So let’s get started with the basic first

What Is Brand Protection?

Brand Protection solutions protect the illegal infringement of your intellectual property. Intellectual property is something that can be created by someone and he or she is the sole owner of it. IP can be anything whether it is a product, an invention, a song or lyrics etc. Brand protection is not an easy task as there are thousands of ways illegal infringement can occur. Let’s have a look at the various types of infringement.

Infringement of Design: It is the duplication of similar illegal versions of a particular product with similar features & design. It is particularly common in the fashion industry.

Infringement of trademark & logo: It is associated with the unauthorized use of a particular logo or a trademark to a different or substandard product to damage the image of the manufacturer.

Infringement of patent: It is an illegal act of selling or making or even distributing your product without your permission.

Copyright infringement: It is associated with illegally copying your work or illegally displaying or distributing your intellectual; property. Copyright is a fundamental intellectual property that needs to be protected.

Counterfeiting: Counterfeiting is a criminal activity in which your intellectual property or product is being manufactured and distributed without your knowledge. A lot of counterfeit products don’t even meet the standards of being true counterfeit. This is because they are of very low quality whereas the actual counterfeit goods are very hard to distinguish. Moreover, they are allocated globally through a widespread distribution network. Counterfeit goods possess a serious threat to the reputation and brand image of original products and should need to be protected by implementing effective & smart Anti counterfeiting solutions.

Online defamation: It includes multiple issues from developing a fake website for selling a particular brand or even creating a fake social media account.

What Are The Risks Of Not Protecting Your Brand?

The brand is a valuable asset and needs to be protected at any cost. If you are not aware of the threats that your business & organization may face then read out this section carefully

  • Brand theft or theft of your intellectual property will rapidly dilute your brand image & value, and thus all your years of hard work will suffer
  • Your brand image or name or even logo can be used by anyone especially your competitors to malign your reputation by providing substandard goods or services.
  • Poor substandard products will enrage your loyal customers and they will start to give negative feedback
  • You will start to lose your loyal customers & it will impact your business activities & revenue generation
  • Your competitors will get a hold of your customer base. This in turn will attract more new customers which might have been yours

How Can You Protect Your Brands

The first and foremost step to take to protect your brand is trademark registration. or brand registration. The trademark registration can be done for 10 years. During this tenure, your brand will be shielded against any threat for a decade. Thus brand protection labels are an important part to consider. After the registration, anyone can manufacture, sell or distribute their product of intellectual property without any hassle. A trademark distinguishes you and your product from the rest of your competitors.

What Are Online Brand Protection Services?

In the era of digitalization, most fraudulent activities are becoming online. Thus, a variety of brand protection services are safeguarding against digital theft. These brand protection service provider offers four general types of services that are as follows

Determination of the issue: It includes detecting infringement in any form whether it’s social media defamation or counterfeiting.

Validation: it is a crucial step in which the service provider validates the nature of the infringement and decides if it is truly a case of theft or not.

Enforcement: It involves removing an imitation product or taking down a fake account or website.

Taking an action: The final step is taking action by reporting the incident.


Whether you are into luxury brands or management services, it is always advisable to protect your hard-earned image by implementing a strategic brand protection solution. LetsVeriFy is one of such organizations that deal with every brand protection activity. They ensure the safeguarding of your brand image and reputation. So if you feel the need, do get in touch!

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