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MOT Dorrington

It is necessary to go for an MOT test annually after your car becomes three years old to ensure its roadworthiness. MOT Dorrington tests contain thorough inspection of the exhaust, tyre, lights, engine and other internal as well as external components of your vehicle. All the major parts in your car should be functioning efficiently without lowering performance or compromising your safety. 

We suggest opting for an authentic test centre that is authorised by the DVSA to execute these tests. Approved test centres are marked with a three white triangles sign that reveals they also have the necessary tools and technology to perform an accurate and fair MOT test. To book an MOT, contact the test centre and schedule the test according to your preference. Also, it is important to know that the people in Northern Ireland have a separate MOT process.

Driving Without An MOT

Moreover, it is illegal to drive a car with an expired or invalid MOT test certificate. If caught, the car owner can be prosecuted or fined with a big penalty. Also, car insurance will become invalid if the current MOT gets expired. 

The only exception for you to drive your vehicle without an MOT is when:

  • You are going to a car repair centre
  • If you are going to an MOT test with proof of your scheduled appointment. 

What Is Carried Out During An Mot Test?

Multiple internal and external parts are examined to ensure your vehicle does not pose any safety concerns to other people on the road when you drive. The test result is as per the set legal standards placed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. You can view the test conducted on your vehicle from a separate viewing area without disturbing the person performing the test. Moreover, the average price of an MOT at an approved test centre depends on the type of transport you have. Commonly, the maximum amount for performing an MOT test ranges around £54.85 for cars and about £29.65 for motorcycles.

Some parts inspected in an MOT check include:

  • Access panels
  • Battery
  • Electrical wiring
  • Break glass hammer 
  • Doors 
  • Lights
  • Bootlid
  • Brake pedal anti-slip
  • Tyres

Result of an MOT

There are two outcomes of an MOT test:

Pass: If passed, you will receive a valid MOT certificate from the approved test centre. Also, the information about the test gets registered in the database and used when conducting future tests. Furthermore, the MOT certificate might also list some minor repairs that you should get repaired the next year you visit the test centre.

Fail: If failed, you will receive a fail MOT certificate from the test centre. Filing the MOT is commonly the result of major internal or external damage to your vehicle. To know what is wrong, the test centres will provide you with a certificate that will list all the details on why your vehicle failed. The damage specified needs to be repaired, and then the vehicle will be tested again. Moreover, you can also appeal the test results if you feel it is incorrect. 

Taking An Mot Retest After Repairs

If you are quick and get the repairs done within ten working days, then you can get a free or partially free MOT retest. 

Additional Details

Some test centres send their technician to your house to get your vehicle down to the test centre if you are unable to drive. The technicians will arrive at your location and carefully take your car down to the MOT centre, get the test performed and return it to you with the test results. Also, if you are busy, then you can also send someone else to the MOT test centre. 

Tips For Passing Annual Mots

  • Take your vehicle for regular full or interim servicing. 
  • Get any internal or external component fixed as soon as it gets damaged.
  • Always keep the tyres in the best conditions. 

Contact a professional technician if you want to know more about MOT Martin or have any doubts.

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