All You Need to Know About The Different Tyre Brands and Variants In The Market

Tyre Brands

It’s time to get a new pair of tyres for your car? Car owners can find a wide assortment of tyre brands in the market, and picking the best tyre can be difficult. Some tyres are designed to better fuel efficiency, and some are made to offer the best stability to sports cars. Purchasing the right tyre brand from a wide range is essential for a comfortable and safe drive with improved overall performance. Fortunately, there are a few tyre brands that have been working for over a century in creating new tyres and achieving constant innovation. From winter tyres to face the extreme cold temperatures to 4×4 tyres for off-roading, there are a variety of features that you also should check and then buy BF Goodrich London as per your requirements.  

Best Tyre Brands To Choose From


Bridgestone is a well-known and trusted tyre brand that has been operating for over 90 years. The company manufactures and offers premium-quality and durable tyres for all kinds of vehicles and models. Also, Bridgestone has strived to conduct continuous research and development to manufacture and distribute new and innovative tyres for millions of customers worldwide. The company also provides tyres for multiple sporting events along with the Olympics and Paralympics. Equipping Bridgestone tyres on your vehicle will give you the confidence to tackle unpredictable roads and drive safely in different weather conditions. 

Top-selling Bridgestone Tyres

  • ECOPIA EP422 PLUS: All-season tyres made to improve fuel efficiency
  • Dueler: SUV and medium trucks all-season tyres made to offer a smooth and quiet drive.


Continental is a world-renowned tyre manufacturing company that got established about 150 years ago. With an impressive portfolio, Continental has become a leading tyre manufacturer and distributor for car owners all across the globe. Moreover, these tyres are passed through difficult tests to make certain of their roadworthiness and to ensure they offer the best driving experience. Also, the continuous effort of Continental to make and offer high-quality tyres makes them one of the most dependable tyre brands. 

Top-selling Continental Tyres

  • AllSeasonContact™: All-season tyres provide excellent braking and reduced rolling resistance. 
  • Vanco™ FourSeason 2: Vans for improved comfort and fuel efficiency. 
  • VanContact™ CamperNEW: A tyre perfect for carrying heavy loads in different weather and road conditions. 


The list will be incomplete without the most durable and dependable tyre company called Michelin. Michelin is widely preferred by car owners looking to get the safest drive possible. Moreover, Michelin tyres are made with special compounds to make them last longer and offer superior traction and stability because of their clever design. You can explore a wide range of Michelin tyres in the market available for all kinds of automobile segments, seasons and road conditions. Also, the impressive and strong build of Michelin tyres reduce the risk of premature wear or tear. 

Top-selling Michelin Tyres

  • CROSS CLIMATE 2: One of the best all-season tyres offered by Michelin. 
  • CrossClimate Suv: SUV tyres that are made to last longer in all weather conditions. 


An Italian tyre company, Pirelli is rated amongst the top five tyre manufacturers across the world and has over a century of experience in making tyres. The company offers durable and affordable tyres in over 160 countries for a wide range of vehicles and models. Manufactured in top-class facilities, Pirelli performs thorough tests and inspections to ensure all their tyres are perfect for driving. Moreover, due to the constant innovation and development, Pirelli tyres can last long and deliver enhanced fuel efficiency.

Top-selling Michelin Tyres

  • Cinturato All Season SF 2: 
  • Cinturato™ All Season: This tyre enables you to drive in dry, wet and light snowy conditions. 
  • SCORPION™ VERDE ALL-SEASON SF: A tyre that offers comfort in all weather conditions and is also 3PMSF certified. 

Other Tyre Brands Include 

  • BF Goodrich 
  • Hankook

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