An Ultimate Guide To Window Tinting For A Car

Window Tint

To start with, an automobile is such a complex technical machine that it needs a lot of attention. To keep it in order to ride safely and sound. However, glasses and windows are crucial protective shields. They enhance a clear picture of the road without any hassles. Tinted glass is one of the innovative guarding systems.

It protects the driver’s vision to focus on the road precisely. This is being done by minimising the sunlight that hits his eye straight. Also, these glasses offer privacy and security by making it difficult for anyone to peek in the car. Are you looking for Window Tinting Birmingham but still confused about it?

Well! This confusion is quite common in 9 of 10 users but no need to worry anymore! Because you can find all the answers regarding this issue in this guide. So, without any further wait just dive into this blog and know better.

Types of Window Tint

Modern automobile technology comes up with different types of window tint options. Meanwhile, we present you with the best five tint options to explore.

Ceramic Tinting

The ceramic window is the best but one of the most costly choices for tint. However, the product speaks about its effectiveness for itself. This premium window will let maximum visibility even during heavy rains. This window absorbs a maximum of UV light. It also enriches better eye-sight throughout the journey.


  • This window is a pro in blocking UV light.
  • Ceramic tint aids in resisting fading of sunlight.
  • This tinting gives a rich look to your car and thereby maximises its value.
  • This innovative shield promotes effective warmth resistance. This happens by allowing the least amount of sunlight to pass through the windows.
  • Ceramic tinting controls glaring.
  • Another green signal for these windows is they are shatterproof.
  • Cons
  • Most expensive tinting you will ever have.
  • Also, these windows are see-through type, and hence, provide less privacy.

Carbon Tint

Carbon tints are the most prolific windows that aid in a rich look for your car. Also, carbon tint gives a matte finish to every window of your car.


  • The innovative carbon compound aids in durability. It is long-lasting than any other variant in this list.
  • Also, this tint guards the car’s interior and driver’s eyesight from harmful UV rays.
  • These windows are legit in fading prevention.
  • The tinting comes with automation that keeps the interiors warm in winter. On the contrary, they remain cool in the summer.
  • The carbon tinting provides a black appearance and aids in a mirror-free look.


  • Expensive than dyed and metallic tints but is cheaper than Ceramic tint.

Metallic Window Tint

A metallic window tint is nothing but a tint that has the look of metal. The major advantage of this hue is it makes a strong bond with the window and hence, aids in shatterproof. However, these windows are legit in blocking UV rays. They even prevent scratches on the surface.


  • This tint makes the windows more durable and also protects the windshield.
  • Windows with metallic tinting are resistant to fading.
  • The strong metallic finish of these windows shuts UV rays. These windows keep the interior heat out in summer and the cold in winter.
  • These windows are a pro in glare resistance.


  • One of the major drawbacks of this tint is that it hinders mobile phone technology and radio signals. It also hampers with tyre pressure monitoring systems.
  • The metallic tint is costlier than dyed film.
  • Shows off a strong shiny and metallic appearance.

Hybrid Window Tint

A hybrid window tint is nothing but a combination of metallic and dyed tinting. However, this tint provides a high-end finish to your windows.


  • Hybrid window tint is a pro in blocking UV rays.
  • This tint promotes exceptional protection from heat and glare from the sun. Even from the headlights.
  • This tint delivers a crystal dark and crisp finish to your windows.
  • The combined countenance of these windows aids in reflective appearance.
  • This tint makes the windows the toughest.
  • Hybrid is comparatively less expensive than metallic tint.
  • There is no space for interior fading with this tint.


  • The hybrid tint is more expensive than the dyed tint.

Dyed Film Tint

Dyed window tint has a dye that gets poured between the layers of an adhesive coating of a film and a polyester topcoat.


  • This tinting is the cheapest yet most effective choice among the other options on this list.
  • The dyed tint is a pro in absorbing the sun’s heat and protects the interiors of your car by stopping the heat.
  • The dyed tint gives a matte yet dark appearance to your windows.
  • Unlike metallic tint, this cost-effective window will guard against interference with any electronics.


  • The major red flag of dyed tint is that it fades with time and is not long-lasting, unlike others.
  • Improper installation may lead to a bubble appearance. Also, there is a danger of layer separation in some cases.
  • This tint is not as effective in terms of blocking properties.

Every window tinting has its own range of advantages and disadvantages. So, choose a tint that perfectly fits your car’s look, security, and budget.

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