Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions In 2021 To Protect Customers

anti counterfeiting solutions

Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions in 2021 to protect customers

2021 is the year that has witnessed the growth of counterfeited products. Even reliable brands are facing a crunch after losing their brand value, credibility, and customer loyalty. The difficulty in identifying the authentic product is only making the motives of the counterfeiters strong. They earn huge profits by selling fake products, especially on digital channels. 

Incorporating digital solutions is not a choice but the only need to fight counterfeiters.  They are very much needed as they ensure product authenticity and secure the supply chain. Here are the different solutions for protecting the products and varied applications: 

  • Anti-counterfeiting solutions: It helps to identify fake or copied products from authentic ones. It’s an unclonable technology that completely eliminates fakes after verifying the product details. 
  • Product traceability solutions: A smart label gives a unique identity to every product and secures its movement in the entire supply chain. The users can map the product at the individual level, mono carton level, carton level, etc. In case of any unusual movement, it will immediately update the user to take the required actions. 
  • Digital Warranty Solutions: Instead of giving a paper-based warranty to the consumers, brands must give a digital warranty of the products. It not only assures the performance and authenticity but also saves valuable customer information for future references. 

These solutions can combat varied counterfeiting acts as they prevent the evolving practices of fraudulent distributors. To save the interest of the brands and the consumers in the market, they are a must. 

Fight against Counterfeiting

Digital solutions are a must today to save the brands from the illicit practices of counterfeiters by ensuring product authenticity and a secured supply chain. When it comes to anti-counterfeiting solutions, the demand is growing every day. The reason being: 

  • Transform existing product packaging into anti-counterfeited products by allotting unique identifiers. 
  • Tracking authentic products in the supply chain as the 100% unique identifiers cannot be duplicated.  
  • Provide end-to-end real-time insights that increase the visibility of the product. 
  • Integrate physical products into automated supply chains for seamless security.
  • Encourage better customer engagement through enabling valuable feedback and allowing easy access to product information. 

Fighting the counterfeiters and fraudulent manufacturers becomes easier with smart scan codes. Every industry can benefit from these emerging digital solutions where the brands can ensure authentic products to their customers without worrying about the supply of their fakes. In a time where the motives of the counterfeiters have become so powerful, the application of digital solutions becomes necessary.  

Trust LetsVeriFy

The efficient and powerful anti-counterfeiting solutions of LetsVeriFy create authentic products and maintain the trust of loyal customers. Regular monitoring of the unauthorized distribution of genuine products helps the brands to take the required action. 

LetsVeriFy protects the brand’s goodwill and its operations against counterfeiting practices by providing innovative yet powerful Digital solutions. The aim is not just to reduce the impact of counterfeiters but completely eliminate them. It’s time to take a strong stand against fake products in the industry! 

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