Are Premium Tyres Any Different From Cheap Tyres?

Premium Tyres

Tyre manufacturers spend a lot of time and money on research, innovation and advanced engineering for the production of premium performance tyres. It might seem easier to get cheap tyres to save some bucks but in the long run, this is not feasible. When buying new tyres you are not just buying any piece of rubber, it takes immense work to design the appropriate tread design and choosing the right rubber compound to provide a maximized performance across varied conditions. Paying the extra amount for a trusted brand means you are ensuring heightened safety, performance and tyre life.

With good high-end tyres comes lower stopping time on both wet and dry road surfaces and this dramatically increases the safety of your vehicle. The superiority of premium tyres performance has been proved through various tests. It is extremely pointless to have the best and most modern braking and suspension system installed on your vehicle if your tyres can’t handle the workload.

However, spending more doesn’t always mean the quality is better. Know the diverse factors that make a tyre expensive.


The life of your tyres is significantly dependent on the durability of your tyres. The longer your tyre life, you save on the vexing effort and money on getting your tyres changed frequently.

Tyres which are made up of harder compounds and are sturdy will obviously last longer. However, it is commonly observed that softer rubber provides better performance but doesn’t last long.

A sturdy and hard sidewall also helps in keeping the ride more smooth and makes the tyre more durable. Make sure that you do enough research and go to a trusted tyre technician who can guide you according to your necessities.


The better the quality of the tyre, the more sophisticated is its build which makes it suitable to heighten the traction and grip of your drive. The car is extremely safe and doesn’t lose control in different weather, speed and road conditions. You wouldn’t want to compromise on this heightened performance at the expense of just a few extra pounds.

You don’t have to worry about the stopping time during road emergencies or the control of your car during turns with high-end tyres.


Different tyres come with varied tread patterns based on their purpose. Winter tyres come with deeper grooves and thicker treads that provide heightened grip although they might be a tad bit noisier. Summer tyres on the contrary are built for dry road conditions with thin tread patterns that provide optimum grip for moderate conditions with reduced unappealing noise. Tyres Wokingham comes in different sizes and types based on your needs.

Winter tyres are costlier due to the added advanced tread patterns that increase your tyre grip on difficult road conditions. Make sure to analyze your needs well and make a purchase.


When you are on the road there are several emergencies that require you to react quickly. The shorter the braking distance (the time needed to stop your vehicle) the safer your car.

When your tyre reacts quickly to such situations it is likely of higher quality and expensive.


Tyres of low quality and higher drag will increase the frequency of repairs due to reduced tyre life. This will increase the consumption of fuel and you will have to spend more on gas.


Premium tyres strive to increase the performance and comfort of your ride. These tyres are better equipped to absorb sudden shocks and provide a comfortable and smooth ride that is free from bad vibrations.


Cheap tyres tend to be built from low-quality raw materials that often lead to tyres that produce annoying and distracting noises when driving. Goodyear Tyres Wokingham comes with better grip and traction and low disturbing noise.

However, in some good quality heavy-duty tyres, noise cannot be avoided.

At the expense of just a few more pounds, you can easily elevate your driving experience. This is one of the main reasons why you need to invest in performance tyres.

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