Are You Driving Your Car With Unsafe Tyres?

Recent research reveals that more than 10 million counterfeit tyres have been distributed and purchased each year. Such problems not only compromise the performance but also threaten your on-road safety. There are millions of car owners in the UK driving their automobiles equipped with counterfeit and dangerous Hankook Tyres Watford. Moreover, many car owners are also unaware of the tread depth and continue to manoeuvre on roads with tyres less than 1.6mm tread.

For optimum safety, it is suggested to car owners that tyres should have about 3mm tread depth. To check the tread, tyre manufacturers place Tread Wear Indicator or TWI within the grooves of their tyres so that the car owners can visually inspect when the tread has worn down, and they need to get them replaced. Also, apart from the TWI, a tread depth gauge can even be used for checking if the tyres have adequate tread and no signs of early or uneven damage.

The Outcomes Of Unsafe Tyres

There are different types of vehicles ranging from passenger cars to heavy-duty 4x4s. Even if passenger cars can drive efficiently with unsafe tyres, driving a heavy automobile with such tyres will cause serious issues on-road. Moreover, if you drive a vehicle with bad tyres, then the offence can be either fine or worse. A level 4 penalty will lead to a £2,500 fine for each faulty tyre you drive, therefore adding to the expense. Also, even if you have 2 faulty tyres, then a £5,000 along with 6 points on the driving licence will be register.

Other than the fine, car owners can also have a range of on-road consequences:

  • You may cause an accident when driving, injuring yourself as well as the other car drivers or pedestrians on the road

  • A faulty tyre can lead to less grip when driving. Such a situation will reduce the handling performance and deliver inferior control over the vehicle when driving.

  • The tyres will have much more chances of getting flat when driving or parked. Moreover, this condition will also increase the risk of unexpected tyre bursts while manoeuvring, especially on hot roads.

  • Any reduction in the grip of a tyre will increase the stopping distance when applying brakes. This problem will more likely cause you to skid plus lose control when driving on busy roads.

  • The insurance cover will not be invalid if you drive your vehicle with faulty or damaged tyres.

How to Check if the Tyres Are Legal to Drive or Not?

Check The Tread

Car owners can conduct a quick 20p test in which they will have to take the 20p. and one-by-one place it between the grooves of all the four tyres installed on their vehicles. If the 20p coin’s outer band gets obscure when placed, then the tread is above the pre-established legal limit.

Air Pressure

Air pressure plays a key role in determining how a tyre will perform on roads as well as how long it will last. Generally, all tyres lose about 1 to 3 PSI of air every month, and car owners have to get it refill routinely. Ignoring the air pressure and driving with under-inflated tyres will increase tread damage plus decrease fuel efficiency. On the other hand, driving with overinflated tyres will provide an uncomfortable drive and lead to early tread wear. Therefore, it is advise to drive to the nearest tyre centre at least once a month to get the air pressure inspect and fill. Also, you can even ask the technicians to conduct a quick visual inspection of the tyre when he is refilling the air pressure to determine if there are any other signs of damage.

Check Tyre condition

Car owners should visually inspect their tyres once in a while to look out for any signs of uneven wear on premature damage. This damage can be in the form of deep cuts, lumps or bulges. If the tyres do not get regularly inspect, then car owners will be unable to maintain the overall performance when driving. Moreover, this may also lead to getting strand on roads because of sudden blowouts.

Top Tyre Brands You Can Buy 

  1. Hankook Tyres

  2. Pirelli

  3. Michelin

  4. Continental

  5. Bridgestone

Always ensure you visit a trusted and well-known tyre provider when buying new tyres for your car. Moreover, ensure they have the latest tools and tech to perform accurate mounting of your new tyres. Contact a tyre provider to know more about Tyres Watford.

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