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Buy Seasonal Tyres for Your Electric Car

Our company is well-known for the fact that we provide the most competitive pricing on EV tyres of the finest possible standard to our clients. Today is the day to choose from our extensive inventory of affordable electric vehicle tyres. You can additionally buy Continental Tyres Harrow from our facility.

Locate Discount Electric Vehicle Tyres Today

We have a large selection of EV-optimized tyres for all makes and models of EVs. Kindly put your car registration number into the field at the top of this webpage if you want to order specialised EV tyres via our website. Please utilise the ‘Filter By Technology’ filter and choose ‘Electric Vehicle’ when you arrive at the search results page. After that, you will see all of our EV tyres currently in stock in the list of search options. Watch out for the tyre sign that looks like an EV. These demonstrate that the tyres are specially designed to meet the needs of electric cars.

What Exactly Are Electric Vehicle Tyres, And How Are They Different From Standard Automobile Tyres?

As per official estimates, there will be 300,000 public charging stations for electric vehicles in the United Kingdom by 2030. In 2022, the sales of electric cars surged by 70% year on year as a result of these changes in the production and purchasing behaviours of consumers. This proportion is equivalent to one in every six new vehicles entering the UK market.

The most prominent tyre producers in the globe have shelled out a significant amount of cash as a direct result of the proliferation of electric cars. This contributes to research and production efforts, which ultimately assist to provide electric car tyres of the greatest possible quality. Thanks to advancements in EV tyre innovation, companies can now offer premium tyres tailored to the needs of individuals who have transitioned to electric vehicles.

EV tyres have had additional reinforcements added so that they can more efficiently bear higher weights. Electric cars have a greater mass than their gasoline-powered counterparts. Because of technological advancements, electric vehicle (EV) tyres have a lower frictional resistance than conventional automobile and commercial vehicle (CV) tyres. Now, a single charge of the electric cars allows for a greater amount of time on the road. As a result, the reduced rolling resistance guarantees the greatest possible driving distance.

The noise rating of EV Tyres will be much lower. Electric cars have a reputation for being very silent when on the road. Therefore, the tyres for the electric car must have a low level of noise as well.

Excellent Grip Capabilities

Tyres designed for electric vehicles offer exceptional levels of traction. It is of the utmost significance. This is because electric cars are much more cumbersome than their gasoline-powered counterparts. Because of this, it will take them more time to come to a halt. The technology for use in EV tyres helps make stopping distances shorter. Your total degree of protection will increase as a result.

Inexpensive High-Quality Tyres For Use on Electric Vehicles

We have a comprehensive selection of electric vehicle (EV) tyres sourced from several of the most well-known and reputable tyre companies around the world. We have electric vehicle tyres in stock for all of the major tyre brands. As part of our Price Promise, we guarantee that we will not be undercut by any competitor on any price.

If you would like to see our complete selection of EV Tyres, any of which you can install at a location near you, just enter the registration number of your car and the zip code that you live in at the top of this page.

Where Can You Get Your Hands on Some EV Tyres?

You may save money on EV tyres for your electric car by shopping for them digitally. Simply insert your car registration number and postal code in the appropriate fields at the start of this page. After you input this data, a list of matching tyres will appear for your consideration. As the next step, you will need to be certain that you select the option for “Electric Vehicle”. You may locate this information by using the ‘Filter By Technology’ filter. Once you make your selection, all of the EV Tyres that are compatible with your car will be visible for you to choose from. Keep an eye out for the ‘EV’ sign on the tyre whenever you are searching for tyres. This mark indicates that the tyre is suitable for electric cars only.

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