Be Aware! Tyre Alignment And Balancing Are Not Minor Aspects!

Routine maintenance is an essential measure to keep your car or any vehicle run smoothly. You can do this routine maintenance either in a garage or on your own. Some essential maintenance tasks include tyre balancing, tyre aligning, spark plug replacement, filters as well as oil change and windshield wiper replacement. These simple maintenance tasks increase vehicle durability and make it move smoothly on the road. No machine and not even the human body would work forever without proper maintenance.

Although many assume tyre aligning and balancing as a minor aspect it is a crucial factor determining the vehicle’s performance. This article will enable you to know about its importance and other aspects.

Tyre Balancing

The Continental Tyres Leamington Spa must be balanced when the car’s weight is distributed irregularly. Suspension damage, irregular tyre wearing and vibration occur when the wheels are unbalanced. The mechanic takes off the wheels from the vehicle and mounts them on a tyre balancing machine during tyre balance. For measuring the imbalance, the wheels and tyre are spun by the machine.  Then certain weights are installed by the mechanic as per the measurement to bring the tyres back into balance. 

Tyre Alignment

The alignment of the tyre majorly involves adjusting the suspension system of the car. The wheel is connected to the vehicle with the help of suspension. Few parts constituted in the suspension system are tie rods, struts, and shocks. It is mostly an issue in the tyre alignment if you find the steering wheel turning to one side of the vehicle pulling to one side even though you are driving straight. Irregular tyre wearing is another indication of tyre misalignment. 

Indications that it’s High Time You Balance The Tyres

It is a good and a wise habit to get your tyres balanced during a regular vehicle maintenance schedule. You must also keep track of whether you feel any sort of vibration in your vehicle floor, seat or steering wheel. If you witness something like this, you must rebalance the tyre as irregular tyre wearing is causing all these issues.  Vibration or shaking between 60 and 70 miles per hour is a reliable indication of an imbalanced tyre. 

To know which of the four tyres require balancing, you need to race the source point of the shaking. If the steering wheel is where the shaking has begun, you need to balance the front tyres. If your seats are shaking, you must rebalance the rear wheels.


An imbalanced tyre has numerous reasons behind it. After getting worn, the different shape is taken up by the tyres. Various factors like wearing and tearing of front-end parts like tie rods, control arm bushings, ball joints. Other causes include potholes, road crowns, losing weights, poor tyre construction (economic tyres) and hard braking resulting in flat spots. If you trek through mud or snow frequently, the building up of ice and snow cause vibration. The mud also gets clumped on the rim. In such cases, you need to remove the mud or ice followed by test driving and rebalancing the tyres if required. If the tyres are worn completely, you can Buy Tyres Leamington Spa.

It’s Significant

These are the two repairs that are compulsory for your car as they enable the vehicle to drive smoothly. It is quite obvious that a bouncy or bumpy ride is something that everyone hates. Tyre balancing and aligning is the only solution to convert a bumpy ride into a smooth ride. The tyres serve you for long and are also protected against irregular wearing. If the alignment and balance of your tyres are disturbed, your car won’t run smoothly. Thus, the engine has to strive harder to make it drive well resulting in more fuel consumption and early engine failure. Well, you might be aware that it is expensive to repair or replace an engine. 

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