Benefits of a 5 Ton Gas Package Unit

When it comes to heating or cooling your home, that is a situation you do not want to take lightly, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather. In colder areas, winters can be absolutely brutal without proper heating methods. There are many different heaters you can get for your home but, one of the most efficient options is a 5 ton Gas Package Unit.

Save Money
Overall buying a singular, high-quality package unit will save you money in the long run compared to having to buy two different options. Having two separate heating and cooling methods in your home just means 2x the possibility of something that may need to be fixed or updated in the future. Repairs are even easier to fix on a package unit than other units because of the way the cabinets are designed.

Another way you’re saving money is with installation costs. A package unit is generally less expensive to install than a split system. Gas heating is typically less expensive than electric heating in general. Depending on the fuel costs in your area and the efficiency of your heater, you will likely be spending a lot less than you would on other methods. A lowered energy bill is always a plus.

Due to the design of a gas package unit’s cabinet, it allows for ease of access. Because of this if any repairs need to be done, they can be done much quicker and easier. The simplicity of a package unit also comes from how easy they are to install as well. Much less time will be spent installing your unit so you can get your house at the comfortable temperature that you like it as soon as possible.

Save Space
With a single package unit, you can save a lot of space. When it comes down to it, it’s just simple math. If you’re replacing a heater and an air conditioner with a singular package unit then you can save some space. No use struggling to find the perfect place to find to separate spots for your units when you can pick one place and have a steady stream of heat or cold to your entire house whenever you need it.

If you are pressed for space within your home then a package unit provides another major benefit for you. A 5-ton gas package unit would be placed outside of your home. Because of this, you can save plenty of interior space. No one wants to waste valuable space in your basement or a closet with a heating system when you can have a package unit next to your home.

Heat and Cool a Large Space
Of course, there are smaller options, but if with a 5 ton gas package unit you can heat or cool quite a large area. Even a large home should be able to be warmed or cooled down quickly and efficiently with a 5 ton unit. During the winter months, there will be no more worrying about some rooms being warmed correctly while others are still freezing cold. With a proper gas package unit, you will be able to heat your entire house appropriately.

If you want an efficient heating and cooling option that can save you both money and interior space then a 5 ton gas package unit is likely the right choice for you. For the best package unit options visit You can also call them at 1(855) 473 6484 for accessory options. They have a knowledgeable team with excellent customer service and a long list of amazing products on their site.

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