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Early learning plays an important role in the life of any toddler. Parents these days are well aware of the importance and the need for starting at an early age. No parent wants their little ones to lag behind any toddler. So they start off at an early age.

Pegasus is a very famous book publisher that caters to children’s products. Their products include early learning books, workbooks, activity books for kids, coloring books for kids, flashcards, puzzles, picture and storybooks. They have a huge collection of books for kids aged 0-12 years.

Here is the list of books for the kids aged 2-4 years:
  • Things That Move:

These are die-cut shaped books. The books in the series introduce little ones to the different modes of transportation. They get to know about the car, bus, ambulance, train, truck and aircraft. These die-cut books are highly attractive and catch little ones’ attraction.

  • Animals

These are board books based on different animals. There are 9 books in the series and these too are die-cut shaped books. These books are ideal for toddlers. They get to know about animals. Each book contains beautiful illustrations with one or two lines about the particular animal.

  • First Questions & Answers

We often see little ones ask too many questions. Sometimes those questions may be relevant but most of the time those questions come out of anywhere. It becomes very difficult to answer them. To make this session interesting and engaging. Pegasus has come up with their First Questions & Answers series where there are four books: Nature, Human Body, Things at Home, Animals and Birds. These books answer little ones’ queries related to the particular subject.

  • My First Learning Bag

Little ones love these bags a lot. One such reason is its packaging. The books come in a bag shaped bag. There are 10 books in each bag. These learning bags focus on preschool, reading, activity and colouring. These bags prepare toddlers to school. The books contain different sets of activities for the little ones to keep them engaged and entertained.

  • Wipe & Clean Workbooks

These wipe & clean workbooks are loved by the little ones. These workbooks allow kids to write, wipe and clean. This series of workbooks are reusable ones. Wipe & Clean Workbooks are ideal for kids aged 2+ years. The workbooks come along with a pen.

  • My First Flashcards

Flashcards allow kids to learn the basic concepts. They prepare little ones for school. These flashcards introduce preschool topics: alphabets, animals and birds, fruits and vegetables, numbers, opposites, things that move and so on.

  • Amazing Animals

This series of books introduce little ones to the stories of animals. Little ones get fascinated when they get to hear or read about the animals. The series of books include bear, dog, cat, elephant, horse, snakes, fish and more. The little ones get to develop early reading habits.

  • World Around Us

It is really important that kids get to know about their surroundings. They should learn about the places around them. All this could be taught to them through these storybooks. The kids get to learn new words too.

  • My First Experience

This series of books let the little ones experience great things such as visit to the zoo, going to school, off to a picnic, my first train ride, learning to cook and much more. The little ones get to share their own experiences with these short stories. The stories are written in simple and easy language.

  • Copy Colour

These copy colour books allow kids to just copy what is being coloured in the given image. As the images are already given the kids just need to copy them. These books enhance kids’ memory skills, visual skills, motor skills and colour recognition skills.

  • Jumbo Books

These are jumbo sized books allowing the children to colour properly. They get a lot of space to colour in these books. Colouring books are always fun. There are 6 books in this series. Four of them are colouring books while the other two are activity books.

These are some of the books to be introduced to the kids aged 2-4 years. One could pick any of these or there are more in the collection too.

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