Best Java Blogs for Developers in 2023

Best Java Blogs for Developers in 2023

If you have a personal interest in learning Java, you may find an overwhelming number of online learning platforms, blogs, and forums. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which one would be the best fit for you to enhance your programming skills.

Apart from online learning platforms, blogs are also an excellent source of in-depth knowledge about programming languages. This article aims to give learners insights into some popular Java web development blogs offering valuable Java learning materials.

Let’s learn about Java first!

For more than two decades, Java has remained one of the most widely-used programming languages, dominating the fields of Android and back-end development. 

Consequently, the demand for Java software development has remained high over the years, making it one of the most sought-after technologies in the industry.

Where is Java Used?

Java has been used in the development of various kinds of applications, ranging from web development to mobile and enterprise applications. 

  1. Web development
  2. Mobile applications
  3. Games
  4. Business applications

If you plan to develop your next project using Java, consider hiring a Java programmer to help you build a stable and scalable application.

Java is an omnipresent language in modern web development. If you want to expand your knowledge of Java programming and learn more about Java development, below are the blogs you should read. Reading these blogs can help you gain valuable insights into the world of Java programming. 

  • Java Code Geeks

The Java Code Geeks is a platform that offers valuable resources and insights into the world of Java programming. With 12,00,000+ monthly visitors and over 500 contributors, it provides diverse content for developers of all levels. 

This includes informative blogs, tutorials, well-crafted articles, code snippets, and announcements, making it an ideal destination for technical geeks, junior developers, and senior developers seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the Java language.

  • Codegym

CodeGym is a platform that provides resources for beginners and Java developers to learn and practice Java programming. It is another great platform for learners who want to learn Java from the basics.

Codegym offers a range of useful features to enable learners to practice code, solve problems with programming, and build applications.

  • Infoworld’s Java Section

InfoWorld is a popular website that covers a broad range of topics such as software development, cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning, etc.

It has a dedicated page to Java where you can find blogs, tutorials, learning material, latest trends related to Java. 

The website caters to all levels of Java developers, from beginners to senior developers, by providing up-to-date information on the newest developments in Java. Overall, Infoworld is an excellent resource for beginners and professionals with a keen interest in Java development.

  • Inside Java

Inside Java is a platform that features news, article, podcast, and views from members of the Java team at Oracle. 

Oracle is the developer and maintainer of Java. It acquired Java in 2010 from Sun Microsystems. Since then, it has continued to develop Java and brought several improvements.

The platform serves as a source of Java news, blogs, podcasts, and valuable information for Java developers.

  • Oracle’s Java Blog

The Oracle team maintains and publishes this blog to provide users with the latest news about Java and free learning resources for developers, aspiring programmers, and enterprises. 

The Java team at Oracle regularly publishes blogs and shares their learning, knowledge, experience, and best practices with the Java community.

  • DZone

DZone is a community platform where thousands of publishers across the globe share their blogs related to various topics. It features a rich library of Java blogs published by leading Java experts and publishers worldwide. Additionally, it provides a means to connect with technology publishers, and a plethora of high-quality Java blogs can be found on the platform.

  • The Server Side

The server side section of the website is packed with a vast array of Java blogs covering topics such as Java frameworks, software, and server-side trends. Moreover, the learner can interact with each other and find solutions on various related topics. You can find meaningful content here to expand your Java knowledge.

  • HowToDoneInJava

This an excellent blog for beginners to start with Java. You can find resources related to Java debugging, problems, errors, interviews, Java testing, frameworks, Java basic and advanced programming learning material, and more. 

This is great for beginners and those wanting to enhance their Java development skills. Are you stuck in a program, or do you have to find some solution? You can find extensive topics covered here related to Java. 

This blog is created to help Java learners and developers to learn new things and solve their errors. 

For those just starting with Java, this blog is a great resource. It features a wealth of articles and Java-related learning materials, covering basic to advanced concepts and topics related to debugging, troubleshooting, testing, frameworks, and interviews. This makes it an excellent resource for beginners and experienced Java developers who want to enhance their skills or find solutions to programming problems.

The blog is designed to assist Java learners and developers in acquiring new knowledge and address errors. It covers various Java-related topics, making it a comprehensive and valuable learning tool.

  • GeeksforGeeks

GeeksforGeeks provides a detailed learning resource on every topic to help java back-end developers, and aspirants, senior developers learn and enhance their Java development skills.

In addition to offering comprehensive learning resources, GeeksforGeeks allows learners to write and execute programs directly on their websites.

GeeksforGeeks is an all-inclusive platform for anyone who wishes to learn Java, incorporating a wide range of tutorials, programming materials, and articles with detailed explanations on every topic. 

Whether you are a beginner with no prior knowledge of Java, or an experienced developer looking to enhance your skills, it has resources to suit your needs.

  • Java2blog

This blog focuses on Java and Python programming. With the incredible amount of learning material available, you can learn to code, read more about Java programming, find top-notch quality content, practice algorithm, learn about Java-based frameworks, and much more in one place. 

This blog offers valuable resources for programmers and learners of all levels, from beginners to experienced Java experts. It provides a range of tips, tutorials, and insights from professional programmers to help readers improve their Java programming skills and expand their knowledge.

Whether you’re a junior programmer or a senior developer, this blog is an excellent resource for learning everything there is to know about Java programming.

  • Java Hungry 

This blog is a go-to destination for Java programmers seeking to enhance their skills through various articles, tutorials, and lessons. Additionally, the website provides valuable tutorials on other languages and frameworks, such as Spring and Python. It is a favorite among Java programmers seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise.


This article features a few interesting blogs related to Java programming for beginners and professionals without any particular ranking. However, the internet is home to countless websites and blogs covering all Java aspects.

Those who are new to Java platforms such as GeeksforGeeks, and CodeGym are excellent blogs to start learning and practicing. While experienced developers who want to keep up with the latest updates in Java can benefit from Oracle’s blogs.

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