Binge Watching Web Series- A Growing Academic Concern


Do you remember the days your parents told you about how they used to look for that one awaited episode of a TV show? Did you ever give a thought to the black-and-white screen of the old times? Well, that was a period when the only source of information was radio. It was when the serials and other shows used to make people wait for weeks. Contrastingly, have you noticed recent hours? These small but drastic changes may not affect students, and they will continue to see those as innovations. However, it does matter to the experts of dissertation help as innovation is welcoming some extreme changes. Out of every alteration, the emergence of web series has had a serious impact on scholars.

The evolution in technology meant the introduction of web series was imminent. The clock has moved its hands; the old period is over. There are no more anxious moments while waiting for television shows. At the click of a fingerprint, everything is available. The invention of web series was so fascinating at first that it took the interest of a non-targeted audience. The concept of a story divided into episodes with dramatic endings to entice viewers to watch the next episode was entertaining in its own right. Such shows catered to adolescent students. However, is this upcoming change already affecting the academic life of students? The experts at dissertation help say yes. Know further their thoughts and opinions.

How the World Is Evolving?

The masters, being the frontliners in providing academic assistance to students, take this issue very seriously under their acknowledgement. They are concerned because they come from an educational background and understand the depth of the academic period. They think students should never waste their right to learn and grow. It backslides them from achieving a bright future. The role of web series in students’ lives imparted its prints so well. The masters have noticed the drastic change in students after the innovation of web series and the ease of accessing them.

Innovations are for the betterment of the world. However, according to professional studies of dissertation help experts, every change aims to improve one but hurts the other. So it is with the progress of bringing web series into the frame. Students’ interests have shifted as a result of the web series trend. Web shows are a series of scripted or unscripted online videos that appear in an episodic form on the internet. They are in a broken record and are of long hours. The following states how they evolved.

How Did It Bring the Web Series to Light? 

According to studies by dissertation help experts, web shows or series first emerged in the late 1990s and grew in the early 2000s. They are made available on the internet via OTT platforms. It is the centre of attention for most teenagers. These shows pique students’ interests, causing them to lose focus on other important tasks, most notably academics. Technology has advanced to the point where these shows are easier to access. Several OTT platforms have never faced failure in their business, and the bitter truth is they will never. It is because they have grabbed the attention of the public most uniquely.

However, every technology change has its merits and flaws. The experts of the dissertation help study that besides adding an appealing period in the days of students, watching web series is severely affecting students and their academics. See how it affects education and other aspects of daily life in the sections below.

The Effects of Web Series on Academics and Other Aspects


With time, students get accustomed to watching web series. Their minds get used to watching the shows, which makes them fall into addiction. The passion makes them obsessed with the content so they try to follow the practises or behaviours they see.

Due to this addiction, students often skip their study routine. They face hurdles with their learning as they procrastinate on academic work.

Increased Screen Time

Often, students watch back-to-back episodes when the web show is engaging. It makes them go beyond the limit of screen time. Spending more than the required time on screens causes obesity, insomnia, and chronic neck pain.

The experts providing assignment help tips have also noticed its impact. They mention that students face several issues that leave little time for them to focus on their studies.

Mental Fatigue

Indulging more in this activity makes students cut off from the outer world which makes their brains grow and develop. Watching web series continuously leads to mental exhaustion and headaches. It damages the brain, exhausting it to higher levels.

Academic tasks are carried out by the power of the brain and mental health. However, the tiredness in the mental state makes students weak in their studies, resulting in low productivity.

Eye Problems

Staring at the screen with the eyes buried in it can cause harm to the vision. The injurious rays of the display make the eyes dry, fatigued, and weak. Moreover, many students plug in their earbuds and watch these shows at night. Due to this, the sight gets affected.

Students with irritated eyes do not wish to execute academic tasks. It decreases the level of enthusiasm that they have for their academics.

Health Effects

Excessive web-watching adversely affects the health of students as well. It decreases the body’s will to move, making them couch potatoes. They spend hours sitting in one place, in one position. Due to this, the body lacks the energy and stamina that further attract many health problems.

Bad physical health makes students lazy and falls sick often. It affects their academic performance, resulting in poor grades.

Exposure to Unrequired Content

The students have easy access to everything on these platforms and in the web series. Many times, students start watching shows or content that are not suitable for their age. It makes them exposed to non-required content.

Indulging in this comfort, students often focus less on their education as these things arise out of curiosity. Their lack of interest causes them to struggle in their academic pursuits.

A decline in Cognitive Thinking

Regularly watching web series reduces the capacity for cognitive thoughts. It prevents mental creativity, which results in poor verbal memory. Moreover, it does not allow the brain to experience mental exercises like reading, thinking, and puzzle-solving.

Additionally, it impairs the brain’s health, which has many adverse effects on academics.

To conclude, aforesaid are the demerits of watching web series. The experts of the dissertation help also mention that the main reason behind the fall in critical thinking skills of students is the shrinkage of the cortex in their brains. It happens because excessive screen time hurts mental health. It affects the students, making them lose their vision of the importance of education and the value of academic grades.

The professionals giving assignment writing tips conclude their opinions by advising students not to go overboard. These shows are for entertainment and should be used for that purpose only. Scholars should watch it to refresh their minds and escape from the boring routine. However, pupils should also know their impacts and be on alert. There should be a limit on screen time. Scholars should consider this part and can take help from their mentors if they feel they are stuck in the addiction.

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