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One of the things that both history and biology teach us is that there is only one way to cure a virus, vaccination. There is also one other way, herd immunity, but it ends up taking many lives. This is why it was clear from the beginning that we would focus only on vaccination to eliminate the novel CoronaVirus. India was determined too, to make its own vaccine and succeeded with flying colors too. We started this year with the announcement of two of our very own vaccines. We also became one of those few countries that have their own vaccine. Six months down the line and the country is struggling to vaccinate its people. How we came to such a situation and why people are looking for gold buyers around them, let us try to find out.

Why Such A Huge Demand

To understand this huge surge in the demand for the vaccine, we need to understand what is making people so eager to get the vaccine administered.

  • When the government started the vaccination program for the elderly and frontline workers, most of the people were reluctant to get the shot.
  • It was believed that there is general perception among people that covid-19 is not that lethal among Indians.
  • The whole scenario changed when the second wave hit us and we were left gasping for breath.
  • It was reported that those who have had their shots are not getting seriously ill.
  • This is why people started getting vaccinated and even selling their ornaments to jewellery buyers to bear the expenses.

Why Gold Is The Best Option

Gold is one of those investments which give us the best and highest returns. This is why it has been trusted by people for thousands of years. Amid this second wave of Covid-19, it has become even more valuable, let us see why.

  • With tens of thousands of people getting admitted daily, our health system crumpled under the pressure.
  • The high demands of the oxygen also made it very easy for people to sell it in black market.
  • Along with all this, when the shortage of vaccines was reported, their prices also started rising.
  • This is why people turned towards their gold so that they can cope with the high prices.

How We Can Help You

We buy gold in Delhi-NCR when it comes to selling jewelry; we are the first choice of ornaments buyers to get instant cash. If you are wondering how we have been able to maintain such a trust all these years and why you should also trust us, let us see below.

  • For your convenience, we have opened multiple stores in Delhi NCR, so that you can sell your yellow metal easily.
  • Chances are very high that there is a store very close to your home only.
  • We have a team of well dedicated technicians and gold testers who assess the correct value of your ornaments.
  • With proper sanitization you can be assured that you are not exposing yourself to the virus.
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