Common Reason For Failing The MOT Exam

MOT Test

Cars tend to malfunction at times because of various issues. As much as one tries, there are multiple inevitable things that are out of our control. For example, a person can be extremely careful and make sure there are no external visible damages incurred to their vehicle, but the inner workings of the vehicle are unknown to most. This is why it is important for people to get an expert’s advice that ensures there are no external as well as internal issues in their vehicle. To achieve this, one simply needs to subject their vehicle to timely service. Within a service, the mechanic or the expert subjects your vehicle to various checks and inspections that result in the overall upkeep of your vehicle.

There are different kinds of services that people opt for, namely, major service, interim service and full service. However, another procedure often confused with a car service is an MOT. An MOT or Ministry of Transport is a compulsory test your vehicle has to pass so that it can be driven on the road. Whilst a Car Service Cheltenham is a voluntary service you take your car for at least once a year, an MOT is a compulsory test your car must pass annually.

It is common for cars to fail in their MOT, there are multiple reasons that can be attributed to this failure. Most cars fail to clear their MOT test on the first attempt because they fail to observe various external and internal issues. Here are a few reasons why your car is more likely to fail its MOT test:


As much as 10 per cent of cars fail their MOT test because of various issues that can inflict possible damage on the tyres and the overall condition of the vehicle. The tread depth of your tyres has a major role to play in the condition of your tyres. A brand new tyre has a tyre tread depth of about 8mm, as tyres age, the tread depth reduces below 2mm. This reduction means that it can skid on the road. Most accidents in wet conditions happen after skidding on bald or near bald tyres.


There are multiple lights in the car, namely, brake lights, front lights, rear lights, indicator lights. These lights are also one of the biggest causes of failure when it comes to MOT tests. If your lights have a colour other than the dominant white it can lead to failure as well. The easiest way to see whether or not your lights are a cause of worry is by asking your friend or family member to check them.


There are several reasons for your cars to incur suspension related failures. The reason for the same is that there are multiple potholes on road surfaces that can have a severe and lasting effect on the suspension of your vehicle. This is why most people try to schedule their car service just before their MOT test, this allows an expert to look at your vehicle and fix it for you just in time for your next MOT Test.


In the hustle-bustle of the city where cars have to be stopped and started in short intervals, the need for good brakes is imminent. If your brakes are not in good condition, they will feel spongey on the pedal and the car may keep swaying in the left or right direction when the brake is applied. Every time your car drives for more than 40,000 miles, know that it is time for your brakes to be replaced or serviced.


The windscreen in front of the driver’s view must not have any damage more than 10mm and for the rest of the area on the windscreen, damage more than 40mm should not be present. This is paramount as the windscreen is the window through which the driver can see the road and that’s why any stickers and chips need to be removed before the vehicle is taken for an MOT Cheltenham.

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