Common Tyre-Related Questions Most Car Owners Ask

Why Are All the Tyres Black in Colour?

Initially, the first rubber tyres presented were white because the natural colour used for manufacturing them is off-white. But after some time, many tyre manufacturers desired to release much better tyre variants that will provide excellent performance plus safety. The black colour of Pirelli Tyres Croydon available today is due to the carbon black compounds used for producing them. This material is also responsible for offering improved wear resistance along with enhanced heat-dissipation after it gets combined with different rubber materials.

Which Tyres Should You Purchase From an Assortment of Brands and Models in the Market?

It is recommend to first drive down a well-known and reliable tyre centre and consult the in-house expert before purchasing a new set of tyres for your vehicle. After consulting your driving requirements such as the road or weather condition, the tyre professional centre will guide you towards the most suitable set of tyres that will fit your driving habits. But before starting, the garage will inquire about your budget, the type of car you drive, if you drive rashly or carefully, how long you will keep the current vehicle and much more.

But, if you talk to a salesperson, they will simply ask about your previous tyres dimensions and find similar products at the price range you mention. Also, if you want better or different on-road performance, then those tyres might not be the right fit for your wheels. Moreover, driving a car with tyres that are not compatible will decrease the performance plus deliver an unsafe and uncomfortable drive.

Are All Tyres Available in a Tyre Store the Same?

This is a common misunderstanding that you can get any type of the right dimensions, and they will produce the same or similar type of performance while driving as the previous ones. Although the prime function of a tyre is to serve as the main point of connection between the car and a road, not buying and mounting the right variants on your wheels will affect the overall experience.

There are various kinds of tyres you can get based on your vehicle requirements. That is why top tyre manufacturers aim at different aspects based upon the driving needs of the automobile owner. Some features different tyres models and brands provide include excellent wet plus dry traction, enhanced mileage, stability at high speeds, improved control, etc. Below you can discover a few types of tyres based on the season plus different automobile segments:

  • Summer tyres: These tyre variants deliver improved driving performance in temperatures exceeding 7 degrees celsius.

  • Winter tyres: These tyre variants deliver superior driving performance in temperatures under 7 degrees celsius.

  • All-season Tyres: These tyre variants offer all-year-round performance but only in moderate weather.

  • 4×4 Tyres: These tyre variants are specially made for SUVs plus CUV owners trying to find the finest on and off-road drive.

  • Performance Tyres: These tyre variants offer excellent performance to sports cars plus luxury vehicle owners.

  • Runflat tyres: These tyres are also call RFTs and are well-known for providing extra safety by enabling a car owner to drive for 50 miles at 50 mph, even if they have a puncture.

How Much Money Is Consider Ideal to Purchase New Tyres?

The price of purchasing a new set of tyres is based on various factors. The best and most experienced tyre providers will provide a huge range of products in the economy, mid and premium budget range. Getting a premium brand such as Michelin or Pirelli Tyres can cost a bit more compared to economy brands. This is because some economy tyres utilise older technology or material that will not provide the same performance and longevity when compared to new variants available in the market. The tyre you decide to get depends upon the budget, but other factors determine the price of tyres including wet grip grade, noise level, rolling resistance, dimensions and more. Thus, it is recommend to seek advice from a tyre professional before making any final decisions.

Will It Make Any Difference if I Buy Tyres From a Random Shop?

There are numerous tyre retailers you drive down to get new tyres. But, it is recommend to visit a well-known and trust tyre supplier who will help and consult you if any issue arises. Moreover, you can also even drive down to a retailer in your area if they provide authentic products and have the latest tools and technology to perform accurate tyre mounting.

Contact a well-known and reliable tyre provider to know more about Car Tyres Croydon.

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