Differences Between Roadstone Tyres and Hankook Tyres


A pristine car is an outward manifestation of a conscientious attitude, expressing love for life and affection for the automobile. Regardless of your priorities, you simply cannot overlook the importance of tyres in terms of safe driving; they are the primary point of contact between your car and the road. Tyres have four critical functions: braking and acceleration grip, steering stability, and directional control.

It’s an art to select the proper Cheap Tyres Colchester for your car while maintaining safety and a high-quality driving experience. When purchasing tyres, there are a few significant factors to consider, such as the tyre pattern, size, and the vehicle for which they are meant, but the most crucial one is the tyre vendor.

This article will not help you choose between good and terrible tyre vendors; rather, it will provide you with a broad overview of the comparisons between two of the most well-known tyre vendors, allowing you to choose between the best of the best. It’s a huge win for everyone.

The best is roadstone. Hankook, on the other hand, is the greatest. Which one is it, then? We understand your predicament. With so much information and data available, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Having a good understanding of how they’re similar and different will help you make an informed decision.

Which tyre Colchester is the best match for your car? To respond to your question, Here’s how Roadstone and Hankook compare.

Roadstone Tyres

The Roadstone is a 77-year-old tyre manufacturer that began operations in Korea in 1942. Roadstone offers a comprehensive choice of dependable tyres, including passenger vehicles, SUVs, vans, and light truck tyres, as well as winter tyres.

A roadstone tyre provides excellent traction at high speeds and performs well in all weather conditions. It has a good footing and a wide area of contact with the surface, making it an appealing tyre with good grip, strength, and durability. Roadstone is a trustworthy brand because of its flawless execution and outstanding security component.

Some of Roadstone’s Flawless Tyres are

Tyre Model




All-terrain SUV

  1. Low noise
  2. Long-Lasting Performance


High-performance passenger car

  1. Wet performance is outstanding
  2. Improved fuel efficiency
  3. Excellent flexibility

CP672N Blue HD Plus

Comfort high-performance passenger car

  1. Dry performance is outstanding
  2. Enhanced comfort
  3. Low sounds

N Priz AH5

Comfort high-performance passenger car

  1. Dry performance is excellent
  2. Better comfort
  3. Low sounds

N’Fera RU1

Sport performance SUV

  1. Dry performance is brilliant
  2. Wet performance is optimal
  3. Excellent mobility

N’Ferra RU5

Luxury comfort SUV

  1. Dry performance is outstanding
  2. Wet performance is great
  3. Enhanced comfort

N’Ferra SU1

Premium-sport ultra-high-performance passenger car

  1. Dry performance is outstanding.
  2. Wet performance is outstanding.
  3. Excellent stability.

Roadian HP

Luxury SUV (tune-up)

  1. Excellent dry performance
  2. Excellent handling performance

Roadian HTX RH5

Luxury highway terrain SUV / LTR

  1. Better comfort and low noise
  2. Improved durability
  3. Long-lasting tread life

Hankook Tyres

The manufacturing capacity is estimated to be over 102 million units. 5 R&D centres in Korea, the United States, Germany, China, and Japan are part of a global network of local offices in 30 countries. Hankook is the most prominent tyre producer and trusted brand in the world, with around 21,000 employees and a distribution network in 180 countries.

Hankook has a flexible production line that produces a wide range of dependable tyres, including passenger cars, SUVs, vans and transporter, truck, and bus tyres.

Tyres and driver safety are now inextricably linked, helping drivers feel terrific while driving. Regardless of the weather or road conditions, Hankook’s highly superior tyres always provide a safe and enjoyable ride.

Hankook developed control in order to improve the driving experience. Kontrol is a cutting-edge technology that is integrated into Hankook’s production assembly and used throughout the whole manufacturing process. The core concept behind Kontrol is to fully synchronise and advance the cooperation between the vehicle, the driver, and the road.

Some of the Best Tyres of Hankook are:

Tyre Model



DynaPro AT M RF10


  1. Dry performance is outstanding.
  2. Outstanding toughness

Dynapro HP2 RA33

Passenger car & SUV

  1. Improved traction in dry and wet conditions
  2. Improved comfort and reduced noise


Passenger car

  1. Durability has improved.
  2. Low decibels
  3. Enhanced comfort

Optimo H418

Passenger car

  1. Best traction in dry and rainy conditions.
  2. Awesome manoeuvrability.
  3. Excellent convenience

Kinergy GT H436

Passenger car

  1. Extremely quiet
  2. Better convenience

Ventus S1 Evo K107

Passenger car

  1. Excellent traction in both dry and rainy conditions

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