How to use Digital fitting room solution in your store

digital fitting room solution

Digital fitting room is an advanced edition to the shopping experience. It’s a breakthrough, cutting-edge technology that enables a superior shopping experience that allows shoppers to try out products virtually.

But how to use digital fitting room solution in your store? If you do not know how to use it, you may not get the maximum benefits out of it. So make sure you know the proper use of it.

How to use Digital fitting room solution in your store

To use a digital fitting room solution in your store, you have to undergo a particular set of processes. Here in the setup process is described in easier terms.

Select which digital fitting room solution you will take

There are various digital fitting room service providers out there offering similar services. Although their services are similar, they differ in application and features. Among many of the companies available, few companies offer the expected interactive experience.

Before choosing a service provider, look for essential features like 3d scanning, product showcasing, recommendation, smooth rendering, etc. 

Create a digital fitting corner or room

Clean up a corner and make space for the digital fitting room. You can bring the room to the center to get better customer attention. The room or space will be entirely used for virtual trying out of products only. Bring big mirrors and create space for the scanner, rotator, and display.

Install scanner and other parts.

Install the scanner in the dedicated space and the room for creating a 3D avatar of a selected shopper. Try to rely on the service provider in terms of installing the whole setup. They are better equipped with their instruments and Softwares.

Setup a large interactive display

Setting up a large interactive display is an integral part of the process as customers will interact with displays only. The features and applications that the digital fitting software has all will be played here, including product recommendation and cross-selling. To try out a demo or trial by Texel digital room solution, you can click here.

Incorporate functionalities

Your valued consumer will be interacting with the technologies that you have, not with the physical parts. So, it is mandatory to choose the best service and incorporate functionalities that will make the user experience more empowering. The key functionality should sufficiently cover the following aspects.

  • Scanning: This feature enables the machine to scan and render a proper 3D model of the shopper.
  • Browsing and search: Give the customer an array of clothing options to select from. Incorporate suggested and recommended products here. 
  • Display: Properly showcase the virtual model wearing the selected cloth. Offer multiple angle views to the customers for better interaction.
  • Request product: With this feature, shoppers can ask for the selected physical product and physically try it out.
  • Ship to address: Enable the shopper to eliminate the hassle of carrying the product with them to home. Just by clicking, they can check out, pay, and the product is shipped to their home. 
  • Physical assistance: Although the process requires no physical touch, there should be an assistant physically present in service for any need. They should make sure to aid the customers throughout the process and guide them to check out.

Book a digital fitting room solution

Now you know the process of how to use a digital fitting room solution in your store. Try booking the best solution with the best features in it. 

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