Do Your Summer Tyres Pass The Test? 10 Things You Can Improve

Summer Tyres

Do your summer tyres pass the test? 10 Things You Can Improve on Today It is important for any driver to make sure that their car’s summer tyres are in good condition prior to driving. Summer tyres, also known as all-season or three-season tyres, provide improved performance during warm weather conditions, providing better grip and handling on wet roads.

Unfortunately, these tyres can easily wear out from harsh temperatures and improper maintenance. Therefore, it is essential to regularly check up on the condition of your summer tyres in order to ensure that they are safe and reliable. To help you determine if your summer tyre has passed the test and if there is room for improvement, here are 10 things you can do today:

1. Check Tread Wear Indicators:

Tread Wear indicators are small raised traction bars built into the tyre’s tread to indicate when it is time for a Continental Tyres Andover  replacement. If these tread wear indicators are flush with, or below the surface of the tyre, then it is time to replace your tyres.

2. Look For Uneven Wear:

Summer tyres can sometimes wear unevenly from hard cornering and abrupt braking. Check for any signs of uneven wear by looking at the inside edge of the tyres for unusual bulging or feathering. If you do notice any signs of uneven wear, consider getting a wheel alignment done as soon as possible to ensure that your handling stays consistent on the road.

3. Inspect The Sidewall:

Take a look at the sidewall of the Continental Tyres Andover for any signs of cracking or splitting. These can be indications that your tyres have exceeded their service life and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

4. Check The Air Pressure:

Low air pressure is one of the main causes of premature tyres wear so it is important to regularly check the tyre pressure with a gauge and top up if necessary. It is also a good idea to use nitrogen instead of air in order to ensure more consistent tyre pressure readings over time.

5. Clean The Wheel Rims:

Over time, dirt, debris and salt can build up on your wheel rims which can lead to corrosion and rusting. Make sure you keep them clean using an appropriate cleaner or brush in order to extend their life.

6. Clean The Tyres:

Use a mild soap with warm water or an appropriate tyre cleaner and scrub your tyres lightly to remove any dirt, debris or residue that has built up over time.Keeping the tyres clean is essential for proper traction. Use a soft cloth and an appropriate cleanser to wipe away any dirt or grime that has accumulated on the treads. This will help ensure optimal tyre performance and safety, no matter what environment you’re driving in.

7. Inspect for Bulges:

Bulging is caused by weak spots in the tyre’s structure which can be caused by excessive heat or pressure build-up. Look out for any bumps on the sidewall of the tyre as this may indicate a bulge that needs to be looked at by a professional.

8. Invest In Alignment Services:

Wheel alignment services help keep your car running smoothly and safely while also helping improve fuel efficiency, so it is worth investing in these services as a regular component of your tyre maintenance programme.

9. Invest In Tyre Rotations:

Rotating your Tyres Andover regularly will help ensure that they wear evenly and last longer. This is especially important for cars with front-wheel drive, which should have the front tyres rotated to the back every 6 months or so.

10. Monitor Your Driving Habits:

Lastly keep an eye on your driving habits. Try not to speed around corners or brake harshly as this can cause excessive strain on your summer tyres and lead to early replacement.

By following these simple tips. You can make sure that your summer tyres pass the test and get the most out of them during hot weather conditions! Don’t forget to consult with a professional auto mechanic. If you find any signs of irregular wear, bulging or cracking in your tyres. They can provide you with the best advice for keeping your summer tyres in top condition and ensuring that you and other drivers stay safe on the road.


Summer tyres are essential for hot weather conditions and can help keep you safe on the road. To ensure that your summer tyres pass the test and last longer. It is important to consistently check them for signs of wear or damage top up the air pressure and invest in alignment services tyre rotations and wheel cleaning.

Lastly, driving habits also have an effect on tyre lifespan, so try to avoid unnecessary acceleration or braking where possible. With regular checks and maintenance. You can make sure that your summer tyres remain safe and reliable throughout their service life.

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