Does Every Car Driver Require an MOT Certificate in the UK?

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If you drive your car in the UK, you have to submit your car for the MOT test that is a mandatory test for every car driver. Successful drivers get a certificate at the end of the test that is called an MOT certificate.

MOT Darlington certificate proves that your vehicle is roadworthy and it will cause no danger to other car drivers and road users. The certificate is not valid for your lifetime and you need to come to the MOT centre again next year to get a new certificate.

Every car driver needs an MOT certificate

If you drive your car without the MOT certificate, it will be a legal offence and you may face legal actions by the police department. You will be allowed to drive your car without the certificate if you have already booked an MOT test and go to the centre for the test. Moreover, the centre will let you drive your car if you want to repair the faults of your car in another garage after the failure in the test.

Why is the MOT certificate important?

You need to keep your MOT certificate in your vehicle to be able to drive on the roads of the UK.

While you buy a secondhand car, make sure the seller has a valid MOT certificate to make a valid deal.

How should you register at the MOT centre to get the certificate?

You have to register at a nearby MOT centre. You should not worry about the centre since there are many garages across the country and they are functioning as MOT centres. A blue sign with three white triangles shows that the garage works as an MOT centre as well.

What is checked during the MOT test?

While you submit your vehicle to the MOT centre, several components are checked during the test. Some examples of these components are lights, mirrors, seats, seatbelts, windscreen wipers, exhaust, brakes, doors and windows, bodywork etc.

In what cases, you would not get the MOT certificate?

According to the MOT guidelines, your car would not be able to get the certificate if it has dangerous or major faults. If your vehicle is found to have major faults, you may drive your car to repair the faults into another garage but driving the car is not possible if the vehicle has dangerous faults. However, towing the vehicle is perfectly possible. If the vehicle has minor faults, you may get the certificate but you have to remove the faults as soon as possible.

How can you get the certificate after a failure?

You need to resolve all major and dangerous issues make your car safe for road users. Then, you can arrange a retest. You must pass in the retest to get back again to the roads.

If you take your vehicle for repair work in another garage and return it before the end of the next working day, you may have a free retest. If you choose the same centre for repair work and remove the faults within 10 working days, you may have a partial retest for free. If you repair the fault in another garage and return to the garage within 10 working days, the retest fee will be reduced but it would not be free.

What if your existing certificate is still working and your car fails its test?

Technically, you can drive your vehicle with an existing valid certificate but we would not advise you to do so. after facing a failure, it is highly recommended that you resolve the issues and submit your vehicle for the test again.

Finally, always feel secure and drive with confidence after getting the MOT certificate. This certificate shows that you are not creating any problems for the road users and other drivers. This feeling provides real satisfaction to the driver.

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