Easy Tips To Prepare Your Child For Play School in Gurgaon

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The experience of parenthood is taken to a whole new level for parents who have toddlers getting ready for their schooling journey. When it comes to formalizing the schooling culture for your children, you should keep a few things in mind. First, it’s a time of change for your child. As they prepare for school life, they will have to give up the home comforts, wear a uniform, and adhere to school rules. Schools will be a vast and formal transition for children. What can you do to ease your child’s adjustment to this new environment?

Frequent Visit To The School Before Getting Admitted

Your child can join the play school admissions procedures by accompanying you to school. A few trips to the school would familiarize them with the new surroundings, playground, teachers, etc. It would make them more adaptive when the time comes.

Building Excitement

A conversation about the upcoming transition with your child is essential. The best way to get students excited about the school is to talk to them. When the time comes, kids should look forward to their new school, nursery, and the activities they will participate in.

Speak To The Caretakers/Teachers

It would help if you asked the prospective teacher how they plan to keep the students occupied in their free time. Then, spend time with your child doing these activities at the end of the day. It should become a part of their lives.

Help Your Little One Socialize

You might expect a significant shift in your children’s social dynamics due to their newfound exposure to other children. Kids these days don’t have a lot of patience for socializing. However, it would help if you teach them how to communicate with children outside of their preschool school. Do so by taking the kids to parks or other places where kids congregate. Then, seeing new people and making friends will not be a problem.

Make Them Acquainted With The Uniform

Prepare your child for school by having them practice wearing their uniform. Then, you can dress them up and pretend they’re going to play school. This may be an intriguing and enjoyable way for them to adjust to the culture.

Impose Discipline Through A Set Routine

You can’t impose school discipline on your child from Day 1. They need to be ready for it. So practice the school routine for at least 10 to 15 days before the first day of school so that they are ready to go. As a result, they would be less anxious on their first day of school and would be able to adjust more easily.

Show Them Your School Pic

Your child must see play school as a place where they can have fun. So, by pulling out your old school album, show them all the good moments you had in school. Tell them, and they’ll portray the nursery as a place of happiness.

Take Them Shopping For School Accessories

The best way to win over a child’s heart is with a brand-new stationery set. Get kids pumped about starting preschool. A new bag, water bottle, pencil box, etc., would pique their interest. New stationery can make their first day of school even more memorable.


If you put these advice into effect consistently, it would guarantee that your child is prepared to become a big girl or boy and attend formal school. Additionally, it would help them become accustomed to the new culture and assist in settling into their routine. Therefore, constantly rehearsing them would ensure that there are only smiles and no tears on their first day in their fresh new school life resulting from the transition.

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