Electric Vehicles: Advantages And Disadvantages

Electric Vehicle

A lot of people are using electric vehicles for different personal and commercial goals. Electric vehicles have proved their efficiency. Therefore, every electric vehicle is in use, such as trucks, cars, buses, and trailers.

However, electric vehicles are used as a new invention, and they are going to take more time to replace the vehicles with petrol engine completely.

In this blog, we would like to discuss some benefits and disadvantages of electric vehicles to compare the pros and cons.

Let us have a look at the benefits.

Advantages Of Electric Vehicles:

Electric Vehicles Are Environment-friendly:

This is the main benefit of electric cars. Furthermore, electric cars do not leave poisonous gases since they do not use fossil fuel as an energy source. Therefore, electric vehicles are the best source of transport to reduce the bad effects of air pollution.

Cheaper Option To Run:

Electric vehicles offer a cheaper option to run on the roads. They are cheaper than vehicles with a petrol engine. According to the experts, the cost per mile for an electric car is lower than a traditional vehicle.

Electric Vehicles Are Good For Our Health:

Experts say that air pollution is one of the main sources of several health issues like bronchitis, asthma, eye problems, allergy, itching etc.

Electric vehicles save you from these problems because they are free of poisonous and harmful gases.

Cheaper Maintenance Cost:

Electric vehicles have fewer moving components. Therefore they are available in the market with lower maintenance cost.

This is a common benefit that is to attract those who want to save the maintenance cost.


When you buy an electric vehicle, people treat you as a person aware of environmental problems.

This positive image will increase your status in society.

Driving Ease With Electric Cars:

Electric vehicle are easier to drive. There is not any system of changing gears in electric cars. You have just accelerated to run your car, and you need to use the brake to stop it.

Moreover, electric vehicles are quieter on roads than traditional vehicles that create noise due to the engine and other components.

Charging Facilities:

You can charge your car at your home or office. Moreover, public electric car charging stations are also popular nowadays.

So, these are some common benefits provided by electric cars. Now let us talk about some disadvantages of these vehicles:

Drivers Are Not Still Sure About The Distance:

Electric vehicles are popular, but many car drivers are not sure about the distance they want to cover with a full battery.

A battery is supposed to run out of power at a point in time, but if it happens in just the middle of the road, the driver would not feel happy.

To overcome the fear of a discharged battery, car batteries have to be more advanced and powerful.

Charging The Battery Is A Clear Problem:

However, there are more than 15000 public electric car charging points across the country, but still, a driver may need an electric van charging point in rural areas. Thus, drivers cannot feel completely comfortable if they are unsure about the charging point in the middle of their journey.

Reduced Payload Is Also A Problem:

An electric vehicle has reduced power to carry the weight because of the components like heavy batteries. High payloads can reduce the strength of the vehicle.

As you see, electric vehicles are extremely beneficial for car drivers. Moreover, these vehicles are effective for the environment as well. However, some disadvantages are associated with EVs, but these drawbacks will be eliminated due to constant technological advancements. One of the most common examples of technological advancements is the Zappi car charger used widely by car owners. Therefore, if you are interested in electric cars, you have to look at both benefits and disadvantages to make a final decision.

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