Everything To Know About An Inside Sales Agent

Many look forward to hiring ISAs in the real estate market to expand their teams. It is one of the most crucial roles in the structuring of a team. inside sales agents real estate can help turn leads into deals. 

There are many roles played by the ISAs, ranging from cold calling to circle prospecting. From handling communication across social media handles to responding to blogs and emails, a lot goes into work. They operate through a CRM and work on the lead’s entire history. 

Skills of an Inside Sales Agent

  • An agent must have practical verbal and written communication skills.
  • An individual should be comfortable making phone calls throughout the entire day. 
  • The person should be not only self-motivated but also goal-oriented. 
  • One should be energetic and have an effective problem-solving mindset. An agent should make the most out of the situation. 
  • Since the real estate market is very tricky, one must have the ability to handle rejections with grace.
  • An agent should be high on his organizational skills considering the multiple tasks. 
  • He should understand the various sales processes and real estate services well. 

How Do ISAs Increase Sales?

An inside sales agent is the first source of contact in a real estate agency. They take care of everything from inbound sales to listing inquiries. A top-quality agent will have enough experience but still needs training regularly. 

The market is constantly changing, and it is a must for the agents to keep themselves updated on the latest trends and technologies. Tracking activities and determining the conversion rates are great ways of keeping the agents motivated. 

Follow-up attempts and conversion rates must be recorded to nurture the inside sales agents. The record also helps to train freshers and maintains accountability. 

Outbound and Inbound Marketing ISA

The outbound method is telemarketing, paid advertising, physical mailers, etc. On the other hand, the inbound techniques include email, phone calls, and social media. 

Inside sales agents are the first ones to interact with buyers and sellers. They may call up sellers and refer them to appropriate selling agents. Similarly, they can also interact with prospective buyers and sellers and forward the same. 

Both methods of marketing are vital. However, the inbound process tends to hold a bit more value. The inbound buyers or sellers are considered qualified and are known to be already interested. On the contrary, the outbound technique may require more time to be skilled compared to the former. Both applications have their distinct benefits, applications, and challenges.

Final Words 

The roles and methods of operation of an inside sales agent keep changing as per the need. Checking up on the latest techniques and approaches while assessing an agent is advisable. 

A good inside sales agent for real estate can help convert a large number of leads into appointments. It is, therefore, essential to evaluate all candidates before hiring for the position. Attitude and customer service skills must be top on your checklist when evaluating a job application for the inside sales agent position. 

Hiring an ISA can be a game-changer when the business struggles to generate new leads. Hiring the right agent can provide an excellent return on investment. 


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