Everything You Must Know About Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres have become increasingly popular in the UK. Many motorists still cannot understand their purpose and why to fit winter tyres into your car. The fact is, winter Tyres Birmingham are not just for ice and snow. They have high gripping capabilities. Hence, they are safer than summer tyres in all conditions – even in dry weather. As long as the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius, winter tyres are an ideal choice. 

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres have more silica content in their structure, allowing them to remain flexible and soft even at the lowest temperatures. These units are a must for areas that have temperatures below zero degrees. You can use these units in regions that see regular snowfalls during winter or most of the year. 

When you compare winter tyres with standard tyres, you will find that winter tyres’ tread has broader grooves that offer excellent grip on slippery road surfaces. Usually, good quality winter tyres have a ‘snowflake’ symbol on the sidewall and are available in studded and non-studded options. The rubber compound mixed with silica prevents the tyre from getting stiff in the freezing weather. 

It eventually helps in offering increased traction on icy and snowy surfaces. Winter tyre tread patterns comprise fewer sipes and more grooves to provide brilliant grip and traction on snow. It also dispels water and slush away from the path of the car. In turn, it helps in preventing the chances of hydroplaning in wet conditions. 

How do Winter Tyres Work?

The tread pattern of winter tyres has more grooves, cuts, or sipes into it. It enables the tyre to disperse water away quickly, mitigating the risk of aquaplaning. Their compound has more silica, meaning they stay soft and supple even in the lowest temperatures. The rubber block of winter tyres vibrates when they move, shaking out all the snow stuck on the tyre.

Do Winter Tyres make a Difference?

In some European countries, it’s mandatory to use winter tyres in cold weather. But in the UK, it’s not compulsory. 

Winter tyres can cope with the increased water on the road, reducing the likelihood of hydroplaning. These tyres make a difference in providing optimal performance not just in winter but in all weather conditions. 

Benefits of Winter Tyres

Listed below are some of the many advantages of using winter tyres on your car:-

Reduced Braking Distances – These units have premium materials with more natural rubber content. In wintry conditions, these tyres will reduce your stopping distance by several meters. 

Aquaplaning – The tread pattern of winter tyres has fewer sipes and more grooves that allow them to dispel water from underneath the tyres away quickly. It minimizes the risk of hydroplaning on dangerous standing water. 

Better Handling – The flexible rubber compound of winter tyres have more elasticity. It ensures you’ll get the best possible grip, handling and traction when driving in cold conditions. Winter tyres allow you to drive confidently on icy and snowy roads. 

Is it Ok to Use Winter Tyres in Summer?

In summer conditions, the temperature is generally above 7 degrees Celsius. It reduces the performance of winter tyres – increased braking distances and reduced traction. Hence, tyre experts strongly recommend using winter tyres in cold weather only. You can opt for summer tyres in warm conditions for optimum safety and performance. 

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