Everything You Need To Know About Charging EV’s At Home

Home EV Chargers

Over the last century, technology has witnessed rapid development. There was a time when an electronic vehicle was only a thing of science fiction. However, EVs are now quite popular among the public. There is a lot of advantage of owning an EV. Thus, many people are investing in these vehicles.

If you, too, have an EV and are looking to get an EV charger installed at your home, then we are here to help you out. Below we have made a list of everything you need to know about charging EVs at home.

What is it like to live with an EV?

If you are looking to own an EV or already have one, you must be aware of its need for charging. Since these vehicles do not need fuel, they need to be charged before you use them. Many countries have charging stations at various locations. However, that is still an issue in many areas and countries.

Therefore, EV owners prefer to have an EV charger at home. For the same, you’d need a parking space or any space where you can conveniently park your EV and charge it. While selecting a charging area, make sure you look for an area with regular electricity and sockets where you can get the charger installed.

It is recommended that you refer to a professional or someone who already has a charger installed. They can give you an idea of what all the charging area requires. In addition to that, they can also tell you about the type of charger or any other tips they might have learnt.

All the options you can consider

There are different types of sockets and chargers. Therefore, you must be well aware of all of these. So, you can find an EV Charging Solutions that suit your EV the best.

Below are all the options that you have:

Home wallbox (3kW – 22kW): Companies usually supply these boxes. They are known for quick charging as they can significantly cut the charging time. These boxes can be installed and wired directly to your home’s electricity supply. Wallbox can charge your EV quite fast, as mentioned above. However, it depends upon the electricity supply in your house.

Commando socket (7kW): Caravanners usually use these sockets. They are quite large and waterproof. Despite being large, these sockets take comparatively lesser space than a wallbox. If you are looking for a tidy socket, then you should go for this one. Although the installation is quite easy, you would still need a professional for the earthing. So, it is recommended you get the job professionally done.

3-pin plug socket (max 3kW): If you want a simple and affordable charging socket, you should go for a 3-pin plug socket. All you need to do is install them in your house, plug your wires in and charge your EV. These sockets come with a disadvantage as they are slow and take up a lot of time. Thus, manufacturers recommend their use only as a last-minute resort, and their consumption is decreasing.

Ev charger point installers

Many EVs usually come with a wallbox to make the process of installation easier for you. Since these wallboxes are one of the charging points, consumers benefit from this. Thus, before purchasing an EV, you can ask the manufacturer if they supply a compliment wallbox or not.

In case you don’t get a complimentary wallbox, you should refer to a professional. These professionals will assess your parking area and suggest all the requirements for the EV Charger installation. The installation will depend upon the professionals only. Therefore, you should be careful while appointing someone for the job.

That was all! Now you need everything about a home charging EV system. Make sure you remember these things and consult a professional to go through the process smoothly. We hope that you have got all the answers to your questions after reading this blog.

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