Everything You Need To Know About Divorce And Remarriage

Everything You Need To Know About Divorce And Remarriage

In recent times, couples start their life with countless promises to each other. But with time, the spark and bonding in the relationship gradually fade away. And the relationship ends up with divorce. As per recent statistics, the rate of divorce is getting increased with each passing day. Now, what is a divorce? It is a way to end a non-working toxic relationship.

People who think that they can not live together in marital relationships, usually break up. Since breakup is a highly sensitive legal issue, it includes tons of considerable aspects. Most people are unaware of numerous aspects of a breakup. This is why, in this article, we would discuss the major information about divorces such as the definition, reasons, rules, and many more.

Definition of Divorce

Divorce is nothing but a legal detachment or end of a marital relationship. It is a complete separation from each other after which the wife and husband would leave as strangers. It generally encompasses the cancelling or rearranging of the legal responsibilities of marriage. In every corner of India, the husband and wife should file a petition before the court to get a divorce. You can take the help of the best divorce matrimony to get the desired divorce.

Grounds of Divorce

Though the general rules of divorce are the same in every state of India, some rules may vary from one state to another. Before applying for divorce, you should file a petition with the proper reasons or grounds. Grounds for divorce are generally two types of.

  • No-fault divorce
  • Fault-based divorce
  • No-fault Divorce

In each state, a couple can apply for a no-fault divorce file. Here it is mandatory to mention that in some states, a no-fault breakup is the sole option for taking a divorce. In a no-fault divorce, there is no need to prove that the actions of each spouse are wrong. In this divorce, the person who is filling the petition just proclaims that the marriage is over. The most common cause of a no-fault divorce is the irreconcilable disparities between the partners.

Most divorce matrimony brides prefer to select a no-fault divorce since this divorce is less complicated and less controversial than a fault-based divorce. This is because there is no need to prove that the person on the other side is wrong. Since divorce is a long-term procedure, there is less chance of anxiety and hassles. Couples with children can benefit from this no-fault divorce since this is a less obstacle-free procedure. The children also do not face any emotional change due to this procedure.

Fault-based Divorce

The next category of divorce is fault-based divorce. If you file a fault-based divorce petition in front of the court, you need to prove that your partner has done something wrong. The reasons for filing a fault-based divorce petition are physical cruelty, adultery, and desertion. This kind of divorce is contentious and extremely costly.

Fault-based divorce is also time-consuming and a lengthy procedure. After assessing the marital property well, the court would decide how much alimony would be given. If you are thinking to file a petition for a fault-based divorce, it is always advisable to consult a professional lawyer. This is because fault-based divorce is a complicated process and expert consultation can help you complete the process with ease.

Legal Norms of Divorce

As we noted above divorce is a highly sensitive legal issue, it has certain norms that are extremely necessary to follow. As per Section 10A of the Indian Divorce Act, of 1869, a couple should live separately for a minimum of two years. After this separation period, the court considers a divorce with mutual approval. For getting a divorce, the couple including the remarriage bride should prove that in the separation period, they won’t live as husband and wife.

Possible Reasons for Divorce

When it comes to the matter of the reasons for divorce, the reasons can be multiple. A marriage happens for numerous reasons, similarly, a divorce also has multiple reasons. Below we are describing some of the notable ones.

Never-ending Altercations

The very first reason for most divorces is nothing but never-ending confrontations. When the values, ideologies, and beliefs of two different people don’t adjust, the same tensions can arise every day. Frequently, massive differences can develop between couples over simple and insignificant matters. Most partners for remarriage mention that they get tired of their previous relationship because of regular altercations.

Lack of Commitment

Another major reason behind the breakup is a lack of commitment or priority. If your love is not paid back with equal emotions, it can feel like a hell. In a marriage, no one expects to be treated like an option. Everyone wants to get prioritised to feel on top of the world. No matter how much time you are expending with your partner, he or she requires to get proper compassion or preference. If your partner continually being deal with less priority, he or she can get irritated which may result in divorce.


When two people are in a marriage, it is essential to comprehend that they are two different people. This means they have different opinions, values, ideologies, emotions, and beliefs. So it’s required to honour each other without abusing them. But to live a pleased life, it’s important to have specific common components. But when it doesn’t get possible, too many differences can damage the elegance of a marriage.

Absence of Proper Communication

Another considerable reason behind the breakup is nothing but the shortage of proper communication. Most of the time couples don’t communicate well between them about any matter. This ultimately concludes in a breakup. Inadequate communication can build issues like arrogance, insecurities, unrealistic outlooks, suspicion, etc. Neither attitude nor silence can make things better.

Lack of Intimacy

In a marriage, it’s vital to have both mental and physical intimacy. Otherwise, the marriage won’t last long. Lack of any one of them can result in tension, frustration, uncertainty, and sometimes deception. Both physical and emotional evacuation reduces the excitement for intimacy which contemplate being one of the main reasons for divorce.

Shortage of Personal Respect

No one is perfect because we all have some drawbacks. When two individuals are in a marriage, they must also approve of each other’s shortcomings. But if your partner always insults you about your weaknesses, it might be a reason for divorce.

How To Live Happily After Divorce

Yes, It can be heart-wrenching. People including remarriage grooms take time to get rehabilitated and start their life with a new pace and energy. Those who are gotten divorced recently, do not get heartbroken, because life is full of new possibilities.  You can find your desired life partners to get a new start.

The Ways To Find An Ideal Partner For Remarriage

Most remarriage matrimony sites are offering partners for remarriage. In that case, you need to be a little tricky and conscious. You should be aware that you are not making the previous mistakes again. This is why knowing the person is extremely necessary. Therefore always opt for a renowned site to get the perfect partner.

It is not a stop but a new chapter of your life. So just don’t worry and start a new life with your new partner.

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