Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Hoodies

Men's Hoodies UK

Hoodies have become a real trend in recent times. They’re one of the articles of clothing that everyone and anyone can wear. They’re not limited by gender or society. A hoodie is not just a quick outfit; it’s a statement.

The versatility of a hoodie is beyond what one can imagine. From making a statement piece of clothing to being used as casual wear, a hoodie can do it all. But are there any guidelines when it comes to hoodies? When should you wear them? Is there more to hoodies than we know? Let’s find out!

Reasons Why Hoodies Are So Popular

A hoodie is for the winters, and well, it can simply keep you warm during that period. You can easily skip wearing a sweater if you have any sort of fur allergy or just find the fabric of a sweater annoying.

A hoodie has a warm interior and a cloth-based exterior. They are long-sleeved and have a hood at the back. It also makes you look very laid back and chill. Men’s hoodies in the UK are a pretty standard piece of clothing.

They are easily found in shops, and street artists are now taking their turn by bringing vibrant and colourful hoodies to the market. These hoodies make a statement and are very eye-catching indeed.

Most universities have their mascot or abbreviations printed on the back. An everyday hoodie has now turned into an identity. And, of course, a hoodie is always a great way to dress quickly, considering how easy it is to style them.

When Should You Wear A Hoodie?

A hoodie is a warm article of clothing and is preferred to be worn in the winters. Since summers are pretty hot and you wouldn’t want yourself to boil under the sun, you probably shouldn’t mix summers and hoodies.

You can wear them if you turn on the air conditioning and don’t want to use a blanket. A hoodie would be the perfect fix to keep you cosy in times like these.

Should I wear a hoodie to the gym? Well, you definitely should. As comfortable as they are, hoodies also make a great sauna. The more you workout, the hotter it’ll get and a hoodie will only help you sweat even more. However, make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated, or you’ll end up on the floor instead.

What Types of Hoodies Are There?

There’s a vast variety of hoodies available in the market, and you’ll only find more as you search for them. But starting with the basics for men’s hoodies.

  • Zip-up Hoodies

The first is a zip-up hoodie. It’s mostly a snug fit with a frontal zipper that goes from the bottom to your neckline. These types of hoodies are great for runners and people to work out. It’s also more convenient to store your phones in your pocket.

  • Pull-over hoodies

These hoodies are pretty great if you’re dressing casually. They don’t have any frontal pockets and are closed from the top to the bottom. They also have a snug fit and are addressed as shirt hoodies. They’re a little thinner than winter hoodies and can be worn while working out.

  • Winter Hoodies

These are the type of chunky sweatshirt hoodie styles which almost everyone is seen wearing. They’re oversized and are great for any time of the day. Their fabric is quite thick, hence, they should not be used in summers.

Noir LDN has a peculiar set of hoodies that keep you warm throughout winters. We have details on the back which display the brand name. There are mesh details and multiple other styles which may appeal to anyone who appreciates a good hoodie!

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