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hhWEw Dubai is among the wealthiest middle Asian countries known for its bustling nightlife and sky-high buildings. It is one of the world’s most fascinating destinations across the globe. But, there are a few things that are beyond human control. The strange occurrences and paranormal activity have not spared even Dubai. If such stories thrill you and you are interested in these paranormal activities, dare yourself to visit and witness the horrifying sights by visiting Horror places in Dubai. It will certainly entertain you.

Also, if you want to have an out-of-the-ordinary experience, plan your next trip to Dubai and go straight to these haunted places in Dubai to test your bravery! 

Top 5 Haunted Places in Dubai

If you want to have an out-of-the-ordinary experience, here is our list of 5 haunted places that for your next trip to Dubai. Go to these haunted places to test your braver! 

Al Jazirat Al Hamra

One of the most talked about haunted places in Dubai is the ‘Ghost Town of Ras al Khaimah.’ It used to be a tidal island inhabited by around 200 members of the ‘Zaab’ tribe. The locals of Dubai say that ancient ghosts haunt this abandoned location.

Their main occupation was Pearl fishing. They migrated to Abu Dhabi due to a dispute with the ruler in the 1960s. As a result, It became a deserted land that is today considered haunted. Whenever locals mention it in their conversation, it results in chills running down their spine.

The place is about 100 kilometers northwest of Dubai, and it takes about an hour to get there by car.

Al Qasimi Palace: The Haunted Palace

You must have seen movies depicting a neglected palace with strange stories about it or its inhabitants. Whether yes or not, this place gives the same venture.

At one point, this palace was a prominent part of Dubai’s stateliness. But it is now haunted and in shambles. Locals claim they hear or see children looking out the windows of this otherwise hushed structure. It is one of Dubai’s most haunted locations.

The Tunnel In Pan Emirates

Do you love thrills and adventures? You should enter the ‘Tunnel of Darkness’ if you think you are brave enough. Tourists and locals can tell you numerous spooky stories about this place. If you have the guts to witness these frequent paranormal activities that occur randomly throughout the tunnel, pack your bags and go there to test your bravery.

Tunnels always scare people due to their immense darkness and the possibility of unknown events. And if there are ghost stories associated with them, the fear multiplies. Some claim to have seen guises while departing through the tunnel. If you love to experience scary places, this tunnel in Dubai is a must-see. 

Al Khail Gate

Since this apartment has suicidal history and a substantial existence of paranormal activities, it was listed among the top haunted places in Dubai. The Al Khail Gate community is generally stirring with activity besides this edifice. Therefore, people quit building number 33 after several residents complained about objects mysteriously disappearing.

This location attracts tourists because ghosts from the past still roam the grounds. They were terrified when they discovered them in unexpected places later. If you want to visit this mysterious property, anyone in Dubai will guide you there.

Jumeirah: House of the Devil

We’ve all heard rumors or tales about people escaping their homes because of absurd occurrences that force them to leave their belongings! Unfortunately, it is one such haunted house in Dubai. Some Filipinos who used to live in Jumeirah’s seven-bedroom building claimed to have seen ghosts and noticed paranormal activity in the horror house Dubai several times! And the locals also complain that this ghost house has a negative energy that will possess you if you visit it.

“House of Fear” in Global Village

The haunted tours in Dubai will completely entice travelers looking for a rush of blood combined with fascinating history about people and buildings. Despite logic and science, it is for those who believe in ghosts and paranormal activities. For those who do not believe in ghosts or other supernatural beings and want to experience something spooky for fun, then the ‘House of Fear’ in Global village can be your go-to place.

The place is billed as the scariest haunted house in the region and is among the many new attractions Dubai’s Global Village offers. This newly built House of Fear will feature a team of actors across nine different experiences, including a haunted cemetery, a hospital psych ward, and even a screaming tree. Spanning an area of 660 square meters, the “House of Fear” features the latest animatronics technology from the US and is a must-visit in Global Village.


Dubai is a popular city for its brilliant and delightful facets, but did you know it also has a spooky side? There are many haunted places in Dubai, ranging from abandoned houses to passageways and towns. There are a few places in Dubai that will give you a dreadful experience. When you visit them, they are not for the faint of heart. 

Suppose such horror experiences and stories have consistently hit your mind & heart and you need to set out on your own to visit very terrifying views. In that case, these mysterious sites in Dubai will undoubtedly amuse you. 

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