Factors Affecting The Tyre Life

tyre life

A personal vehicle makes life easier and much convenient. Owning a car is a considerable achievement. This achievement brings with it a big responsibility of maintaining the car. A car is a machine that eventually breaks down if not taken care of. This is why vehicle services are done.

One of the essential components of a vehicle is the tyres. Their primary aim is to provide a connecting point for the car and road. They also hold the entire weight of your vehicle. Tyres need proper care and attention, so they last longer. People often undermine the various aspects affecting tyre life. As a result of which the tyres either attain unnecessary damages or wear down prematurely.

Factors affecting tyre life

Load holding capacity: Having a vehicle doesn’t mean you can load it with heavy stuff. Every tyre comes with a load-holding capacity. Adding more weight than recommended can decrease the tyre life. The manufacturer manual of a tyre always includes the exact amount of weight your car tyres Coventry can withstand. This information can also be found on the tyre sidewall. Overloading the vehicle trunk is a big NO. This not only damages your tyres but the overall vehicle performance is also adversely affected.

Abrupt braking: Certain situations may demand you to apply sudden brakes, which is acceptable. However, if you are more of a rough driver with abrupt braking habits, you need to be careful. Doing this frequently means you are undermining the condition of your tyres. Abruptly applying brakes screeches the tyres on the road. This leads to cracks and premature tread wear.

High-speed driving: Exceeding the speed limit is a risky treat. It can lead to dangerous accidents and road fatalities. The same factor also affects the tyre life. Driving at higher speeds for a long time increases friction, which leads to more heat. This heat weakens the tyres, and the chances of punctures go up significantly.

Tyre inflation: One of the significant factors affecting tyre life is air pressure. Tyres are inflated for smooth drives. The manufacturer manual always mentions the adequate tyre pressure to be maintained in a specific tyre set. Under and over-inflated tyres are both harmful to the tyres. They lead to easy punctures and blowouts.

Over-inflated tyres have excessive tyre pressure inside them. They attain a deformed shape and lead to unstable drives. You fail to grip the road well because of the lack of stability. Such tyres can easily get punctured and wear more from the centre. Over-inflated tyres wear down prematurely.

Under-inflated tyres have lesser tyre pressure. They also wear unevenly, especially on the outer edges. The chances of a puncture highly increase with under-inflated tyres. These tyres require extra effort and pressure to move. This strains the engine and suspension system as well. The entire functioning of your vehicle is affected. Under as well as over-inflated tyres minimise the tyre life.

Which brand to buy?

Another aspect affecting the tyre life and performance is the brand you buy. The tyre industry is loaded with lots of tyre brands. The leading ones being the Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop, etc. What makes these companies the pioneers of tyre manufacturing is the technology and quality. These brands employ the highest quality material in making their tyres. The latest technologies used further enhance their performance.

The market is loaded with lots of tyres. Various other companies also make optimum quality tyres. However, you are advised to confirm the company as some manufacturers may fake their reputation.

It is always best to play on the safe side and buy tyres Tamworth from a reputable brand. This helps in saving money in the long run. The performance and life of high-quality tyres are always worth the money. Plus, these tyres come with attractive warranties, which is a cherry on top.

Having extensive knowledge of tyres is beneficial. The seller may sometimes try to sell you a costly tyre when there can be some good options available at a lower cost. The tyre knowledge you possess will save you from situations like these.

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