Five Common Winter Plumbing Emergencies and Ways to Prevent Them

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The snow can be a source of fun for some. Not until it causes home plumbing issues. Ice and frigid temperatures can freeze your pipes and backed-up sinks.

No one would want that to happen. Water is essential in making hot drinks and meals to stay body regulated, especially when the cold begins. So, keeping our drains, fixture, and the whole water system functioning is a must.

Moreover, most plumbing companies said that winter is the time of the year they are busiest the most. Hence, your water system needs extra attention when cold weather months arrive.

On a positive note, you can prevent your family from experiencing such emergencies in the harshest of seasons for residents. Rather than waiting for the colds to affect you, being proactive can solve or alleviate the effects of this problem. In short, maintenance is fundamental.

We listed below some of the common plumbing issues encountered by households during winter. Besides, we provide tips on how to deal with them.

Frozen Pipes

Unprotected pipes can freeze anytime when the outside temperature drops in single digits. Yet, a homeowner can avoid this by insulating exposed pipes. Completing the job only requires a couple of hours, given that you can buy the things you need in the local hardware store. However, better to seek professional help if unfamiliar with pipe insulation.

You may also install pressure-relieving valves on water lines to lessen the chances of pipe leaks and breaks caused by pressure build-up when the freeze occurs.

Leaking Water Lines

Undetected deterioration or non-insulation of pipes are the contributing factors behind leaking water lines. In warmer months, ensure that you get a plumbing inspection. The plumber can help you identify the water lines with issues then repair them to guarantee intactness when winter comes.

Water Heater Malfunction

Malfunctioning water heaters are typical during winter. Most of the time, residents are unaware that these heating devices’ optimal performance can only last by 10-12 years on average.

Calling water heater Punta Gorda FL services to inspect yours is the best option, especially if you did not have it even once last year.

On the other hand, when you already know that your water heater is nearing its lifespan, act immediately by replacing it through water heater installation Punta Gorda FL purchase.

Frozen Sewer Lines or Septic Tank

Winters can freeze the ground with no soil coverage. At the same time, the waste inside your sewer lines will experience the same thing. Such also applies to septic tanks. If neglected, both are disastrous as waste will expand as it freezes. Then, the gradual expansion may result in the line and septic tank bursting.

A sewage leak is unlikely images as it can potentially damage the pipes and contaminate the water supply.

Getting your septic tank pumped before temperatures reach freezing point can eliminate the occurrence of this problem. If your sewer system showed signs of irregularities in one year, scheduling a comprehensive inspection is a good idea.

Frozen Well Pump

Areas using private wells as a water source is prone to this problem. Pumps freeze in wintertime, causing water interruption. Jet well pumps are usually affected by freezing as they are mainly located in-home or basement. Solving this concern comes by thawing the pump to restore water at your home.

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