Frequently Asked Questions About Car Tyres

Tyres are essential for your vehicle. The engine, exhaust, and brakes are also important but they are unable to move on the ground. Only the car tyres make a constant with the road surface. So, their role in the transport industry is extremely important.

While you buy your new car, perfect tyres come with the vehicle. However, after some years, your original car tyres are fully damaged and you have to buy new tyres from RoadX Tyres Market Harborough to replace your old tyres.

Generally, buyers try to enhance their knowledge about tyres by asking a lot of questions. If you are going to buy new tyres, you may need appropriate answers to your questions.

To get answers to some popular questions, you do not need to go anywhere else. We have made a slit of frequently asked questions on tyres.

Read and enhance your knowledge.

Why Are So Many Types of Tyres Available in the Market?

The answer to this question is very simple. Tyres vary in shapes, sizes and tread designs because of your different driving goals. You have to consider that car drivers around the globe drive their vehicles in varied road and weather conditions. Thus, the performance level and features of your tyres should be different as well.

Let us have an example of terrain tyres. Tyres run on smooth highways and they sometimes roll on muddy surfaces as well. It is also possible your tyres run on only smooth pavements or muddy roads.

All-terrain may fulfil your driving goals if you drive your car on both muddy surfaces and well-constructed roads. On the other hand, mud or mud-terrain tyres will be suitable for muddy surfaces.

Do You Know the Recommended Inflation Pressure for Your Tyres?

You have to fill your tyres with air according to the guidelines of your carmaker. You must not deviate from the specified air pressure in any condition. Low air pressure and high air pressure both are harmful to your tyres and the performance level of your vehicle.

Why Do Tyres Blow Out Suddenly in the Middle of the Road?

Tyres burst when the body of your tyres is unable to hold the air pressure. Blowouts in tyres happen due to increased air pressure, low air pressure, the weak internal structure of tyres, overheating, manufacturer defects, and heat.

Maintain your tyres well to keep them away from blowouts. However, they will happen due to unavoidable factors like manufacturer defects, heat, ageing etc.

How Is Rolling Resistance Related to the Fuel Economy?

Your tyres do not run freely on the road surface, certain forces stop them to move. It is called the rolling resistance of your tyres. Manufacturers try to reduce the rolling resistance of your tyres because high rolling resistance will put your engine under pressure. As a result, your engine will need more power to move your tyres on the roads. So, you need more fuel for tyres with high rolling resistance.

Does Nitrogen Improve the Efficiency of Your Tyres?

Generally, there is not any direct effect of nitrogen on the tyre’s efficiency. However, this inflation gas provides several benefits. For example, it goes out of tyres gradually because of its large-sized molecules. Moreover, it is a dry gas. Thus, corrosion and rust never take place in the inner lines of your tyres.

Why Are Tyres Grooved?

The tread pattern is a common component of your tyres. Without this part, your tyres would not be able to hold the road properly. Varied designs and patterns of tread blocks indicate different features of tyres. Commonly tyres come with symmetrical, asymmetrical and directional tread patterns.

What Is Speed Rating?

Every tyre comes with a speed rating. It is the highest limit of speed that you may reach while driving your car. Offending this limit will damage your tyres due to heat and friction.

What Is the Loading Capacity of Tyres?

However, your Tyres Market Harborough is made to carry the weight of your vehicle but this capacity is limited. Tyres have a certain level of loading capacity. If you overload your vehicle, your tyres will start to wear quick.

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