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Automatic doors are utilised in industrial and commercial settings to provide simple building access. Automatic doors are convenient. An automatic door allows individuals to pass through without manually opening a hefty door, so your customers will feel welcome as soon as they enter. Those with impairments can enter the building easily and without hassle. Satkartar Glass Solutions, the pioneers in sliding glass partitions in Delhi NCR with sensor operated sliding and swing doors have revolutionized modern interior designing substantially. But how these marvels work let’s find out.

How does automation in doors works?

The ability to have doors open automatically is quite useful. They make it so people may easily walk through doors in malls, hospitals, and train stations. As soon as we approach the door, it will open automatically. How, exactly, do those automatic doors function?

In order to function, automatic doors utilise a battery of sensors that can pick up on cues like sound, light, weight, and movement. These sensors come in a wide variety of forms, each of which may be better suited to a particular setting. Some doors, for instance, can identify when someone is standing on a fake rubber mat by sensing their weight. A second common technique uses motion sensors, which alert the door to open whenever they detect motion within a set range. The actual opening and closing mechanism is controlled by an electronic motor that receives a signal from the sensor after it has been triggered. There is a mechanism built into the automatic doors that uses a cog wheel and rubber belts to regulate the movement of the door. Together, the sensors and these mechanisms make sure the doors open whenever someone approaches them.

Automation in Emergency

Emergency situations often need the swift and safe evacuation of a station, and automatic doors can greatly aid in this endeavour. The system can serve as fire exit doors and be incorporated into a fire exit plan to facilitate the swift and safe evacuation of your business in accordance with applicable fire door requirements. When the doors are programmed to stay open, people can leave the building more quickly without stopping to open and close the door repeatedly.

Automated doors by Satkartar Glass Solutions can be programmed to close in an emergency, keeping individuals from entering a building that could be unsafe. If a fire breaks out, this can be utilised to keep people out of danger by closing off access to the area. The installation of fire rated doors is another alternative for minimising property loss and injuries in the event of a fire. You can have automatic doors installed with a “breakaway” feature that lets you manually push them outward in case of an emergency. Doors equipped with this breakaway mechanism are fail-safe in that they can be opened in either direction with minimal effort and continue to function in the absence of power or systems connected to fire alarms.

Having automatic doors installed is a terrific approach to facilitate a quick and easy building evacuation. Our engineers have years of experience in the field and can help you choose an emergency exit that will keep you safest in the event of a crisis.

Energy Consumption

Installing automated doors with low-energy settings is a practical and affordable option. Doors with low energy settings do not respond to sensors and must be manually opened with a hand push or a push pad. Low energy doors require fewer sensors, so not only is this a very cost-effective solution that will save money over time, but it also reduce the cost of the door itself. When compared to fully automatic doors, those with sensors that only activate when someone makes a deliberate attempt to enter are more energy efficient and less of a burden on the environment.

Existing fully automatic doors can often have low energy settings added to them. Many controls on common pieces of equipment have energy-saving modes that can be activated with little more than a tweak of the dial, so most of the time you can avoid spending money on expensive new automation if you just tweak the dial. In addition to saving money, low-energy doors also have other advantages, such as being more silent when opened or closed. In addition to the immediate low energy benefits, automatic doors like these can reduce wasteful heat loss and, as a result, save money on heating expenses over time. Compared to having fully automatic doors or leaving a manual door propped open, this results in less wasted air conditioning energy.


Automatic sensor doors functions tremendously well provided it is installed by the best. Satkartar Glass Solutions boasts the premium craftsmanship for over three generations and have earned the title of installers of the best internal glass partition in Delhi NCR. If you are willing to install these marvels of wonder contact us now for a free consult and let us take over your dream of ideal interior designing.

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